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[Atten: Intuitive Practitioners] Please Don’t Make the Mistake I Did

Two weeks ago I created a mind-blowing program. I invited everyone I knew and guess what? Many people didn’t relate to the title, so they overlooked it. In the webinar, I detailed how YOU already are successful AND techniques to see it. People who attended LOVED it and were blown away. One woman wrote: “Wow


Article for Cygnus Review

Soul and Spirit Article

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Tori chats with Christopher Witecki

Tori and Chris

Upcoming Events

Second Annual Card Reading Magic Summit

September, Look for the second annual Card Reading Magic Summit!


Return of Spiritual Club

In July Tori will relaunch her Spiritual Club.


FREE Virtual Meditation Summit: Attracting Money Through Your Chakra

Join me for 7 transformational meditations in my Virtual Meditation summit on Attracting Money Through Your Chakra. From April 24 to 30, I will conduct a 10-minute money attraction meditation LIVE using a different chakra per day. In this week-long summit, you will: – Discover the secret energetic ingredient to attracting money – Learn how