What if you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that everything you needed to manifest your desires was locked inside you? Would you look for the key?

While we are all vastly different in our desires and spiritual evolution, each piece in my Chakra Vortex Collection serves as a key to unlocking YOUR dreams. Like a whirlpool, a Vortex is a powerful magnet - attracting immense amounts of energy.

I have three collections, each one focused on distinctly different aspects of energy. One for home, one for wearable - Fluid Elegance, and the Malas are wearable. Look at my three collections. Which one calls to you? Trust your intuition and click below. This is the way to finding YOUR personal key. Remember, each individual piece provides a mini-reading for you. You are about to become a magnet for manifestation.

There is magic on the road ahead, and this is all about enlightenment made simple.

"I've had the wonderful and synchronized opportunity to meet Tori Hartman again in this lifetime. What a delightful soul! I've also been blessed with the good fortune to own one of her exquisite pieces of jewelry, the Artist's Magic Wearable Chakra. The stones represent all seven chakras and spoke to me as soon as I saw them. To me, they represent keys, each stone opening a doorway, unlocking the energy and potential living inside me! Tori's a master of color and design and she's done it again with this inspirational and enlightening set of jewelry and decor for the home. A must have for any lightworker's wardrobe."

Kala Ambrose, author and host of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show