Bring Peace and Happiness into Your Home with a Simple, Heartfelt Ritual

Whether it's a brand new house or a place you've lived for decades, a home blessing can help bring good, positive energy into your life. Your home blessing ritual doesn't have to be complicated or take much time; what you really need is an intention and a symbol to remind you of that intention.

So what is an intention? An intention is bigger than a wish and more intense than a goal. An intention is a spiritual force that sweeps outward from you and brings your message to life. First, you need to identify your desire. In the case of a home blessing, you want to encourage love and other positive emotions to fill your house. Second, you need to feel your desire in your soul. Your intention has to be something you really want! Finally, you send your intention out into the universe. Visualize your desire as a meteor, streaking out into space and bringing back your desire.

Your house blessing is a way of spiritually taking ownership or authority of your residence. Think of it this way: someone handed you a key. You decide who else gets a key. You have the power to welcome good and keep negativity out.

How you actually bless your house can vary from one person to another and from one faith to another. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • - Anoint your doors and windows with oil or holy water. At each door or window, pray or speak words welcoming good into your home.
  • - Perform a symbolic cleansing. Use a cleaning instrument like a broom or a rag and "sweep" it through each room to wash away negativity. You can also pray or speak words as you sweep, ordering lingering negativity to leave.
  • - You can invite a religious or spiritual leader to help you bless your home, but the most powerful blessings come from the head of the household.
  • - Hang wind chimes in doorways or outside your front and back door. Traditionally, the sound of bells was believed to chase away those with bad intentions.
  • - If you have a personal saint or spiritual figure, you can bless your home in their name. Take a piece of chalk and mark your saint's initials on each doorway that leads in or out of your house.
  • - Light a Home Blessing Intention Candle or a New Home Intention Candle from Tori Hartman ( These hand poured aromatherapy candles are made with cleansing scents that will help clear away old energy and leave room for new, positive energy. Each candle comes with an instructional booklet to help you in setting an intention for your home.

After you bless your home, be sure to set a good example by bringing in some joy and love. Put on your favorite music and dance or sing, tell your family how much you love them, or bake your favorite dessert.

Blessing your home doesn't have to be a one-time thing. You may choose to bless your home each season, at the holidays, or on the anniversary of your move-in. The most important thing is to do what feels right to you!
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