Intention Candles

Intention Candles

What if simply lighting a candle could attract money, love or miracles to you? Would you do it?

Each one of my glass blessing jars is hand-poured by a Reiki practitioner using organic soy based wax. These candles weigh 1.5 pounds and have crystals hidden in the wax that carry the energy of your intention. These crystals represent the five energy points - wind, air, fire, water, earth. Once the candle burns down, you can continue to use your blessing jar by keeping tokens of intention inside.

Your Intention Candle also includes my FREE Intention Setting book which contains the information I use when setting intentions for my clients - like which day of the week is best to light your candle and what message spirit is sending you about your desire based on the way the wax burns.

Your candle will arrive elegantly packaged in a soft velour chocolate brown blessing sack (while supplies last).

We invite you to browse through our store with confidence.

**Disclaimer for International Customers: Due to extreme weather conditions and the delicate nature of our organic, hand-poured materials in our Intention Candles, please be aware that any candles shipped internationally cannot be replaced if they arrive damaged. We cannot guarantee that your Intention Candle will arrive in your country in the same condition it is sent. Thank you so much for your understanding.

Please note:
Due to restricted import laws we do not have the blessing bags available at this time. Thank you for understanding.
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