These are the certification programs offered:

  • Interpreter
    • Interpreter Certification offers you the ability to work with yourself and others. This gives you all the tools you need to confidently Interpret the cards.
    • 21 online self-study Interpreter Modules
    • Bonus: FREE Card Reading Meditation Mp3
    • Bonus: FREE Tori Reading the 49 Fables Mp3s
    • Access to a private Interpreter Facebook Group
    • Interpreter Certificate of Completion
    • Certified Interpreter Seal
    • Once complete you get listed on certified practitioners page under Interpreters.
    • Learn More about Interpreter Certification
    • Start Today!
    Recommended Pre-requisite: Life Purpose Divination
  • Master Reader
    • Master Reader Certification offers you the skills to dive deeply into and use the skills that only a Master Reader would know. You are ready to offer a variety of readings.
    • 9 online self-study Master Reader Modules
    • Bonus: FREE Aspect Development Course
    • Access to a private Master Reader Facebook Group
    • Master Reader Certificate of Completion
    • Certified Master Reader Seal
    • Once complete you get listed on certified practitioners page under Master Readers.
    • Learn more about Master Reader Certification
    • Available January 2018
    Pre-requisite: Interpreter Certification
  • Intuitive Facilitator
    • Intuitive Facilitator Certification adds the element of coaching skills to uncovering and healing deeply rooted beliefs that are running your clients life. This will include many of the skills of Life Purpose Divination and will give you the skills to offer this course to others.
    • Live online classes with Tori Hartman
    • Bonus: FREE membership to Spiritual Club
    • Access to a private Intuitive Facilitator Facebook Group
    • Intuitive Facilitator Certificate of Completion
    • Certified Intuitive Facilitator Seal
    • Once complete you get listed on certified practitioners page under Intuitive Facilitator.
    • TBD
    Pre-requisite: Master Reader Certification
  • Multi-generational Healer
    • Multi-generational Healer Certificate is only available through personal invitation from Tori. You will learn to identify hidden agreements, when uncovered they completely alter and heal the course of ones destiny.
    • Live classes with Tori Hartman
    • Bonus: FREE Personal reading with Tori Hartman
    • Access to a private Multi-generational Healer Facebook Group
    • Multi-generational Healer Certificate of Completion
    • Certified Multi-generational Healer Seal
    • Once complete you get listed on certified practitioners page under Multi-generational Healers.
    • TBD
    Pre-requisite: Intuitive Facilitator Certification


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Interpreter Path

Master Reader Path

  • Reader Bundle 2
    • Interpreter
    • Master Reader
    • Total Value $3,994
    SAVE 20%

Intuitive Facilitator Path and Multi-generational Healer Paths

No bundles offered for these paths.

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