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Discover How Your Brain Uses Stress and Anxiety to Shut Down Your Intuition, Force you into quick fixes, and STOP the Intuitive Answers you Crave

In this free video, the 3 Secrets to Intuitive Confidence… I’ll share:

  • Stress and anxiety are designed by your brain to protect you from failure – are we using it in the most productive way?

  • Recognize when your brain shuts your intuition down

  • Why a quick fix is a detour from your truth

  • What is will take to turn back into your own inner wisdom

  • My thoughts on how YOU can get started on developing Your Own Intuitive Style through card reading (and why you haven’t until now).

Here’s a review of How To Read the Cards for Yourself And Others on Amazon, and NO I don’t know the person!

read the oracle cards for yourself or othersThis is a truly amazing book!

By Amazon Customer on August 10, 2017

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

As the chapters and content in the book unfold I discovered the tools of how to use the 7 aspects within each card, the Great Spirit cards of Destiny, preparation of the cards and myself before during and after reading for myself and others. All of the elements of magic are clearly defined and explained, so it is a matter of choosing one or many of the tools to incorporate into each unique reading. Using the information in the book has not only allowed me greater access to myself as a person, it has also boosted my self-awareness and confidence to read for others. The beauty in all of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck and products is that my learning to help myself first, I am able to share those gifts with many.

Do you dream of…

  • Experiencing the real magic of intuitive trust
  • Stepping into the power of your convictions
  • Know what it is like to feel the belonging of love
  • Waking up with purpose and focus to jump into the day
  • Giving up the need to prove anything
  • Set the course of your own destiny, knowing how to “fly the plane”
  • Breaking Through Blocks
  • Watching doors open as if by magic
  • No longer 2nd guessing, but trusting your intuition
  • Attracting Love and Support beyond your current frame

It is possible!

I know a way to this magical reality that is Fun and Easy!!  The tool I have used to achieve that dream….Card Reading.

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

My name is Tori Hartman. I am a professional psychic and master card reader for over 30 years. In my 20s, I had a near-death experience. After this experience, angels came to me with fables. These fables I later used to create the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card deck. Through the journey of creating the deck and writing 3 Amazon best-selling books on card reading, I know that it is my life purpose to help you effortlessly access your intuition through the tools I’ve discovered in the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards.

Whether you are a using the cards for self-mastery like this person who reviewed the deck on  Amazon:

Excellent for insight. Coming from Compassion.

By Julia Wolfe on July 21, 2017

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

…The beauty in all of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck and products is that my learning to help myself first, I am able to share those gifts with many.

Or a card reader – who wrote this review on Amazon about How To Read the Cards for Yourself and Others:

read the oracle cards for yourself or othersReading for myself and others – Goes Deeper and Gives Much to the Card Reader!

By J. Pape on July 23, 2017

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards are a joy to work with. The images and stories behind them, called fables by their creator are deep and disarming in their simplicity. Yet with the 7 chakras as the backdrop and blueprint they truly relate to all aspects of the human experience. When giving a card reading for yourself or others they unlock doors to the sacred. In this book, Tori Hartman brings light and insight into the practice of card reading in general and layouts that assist the reader energetically to focus the message. There is even a chapter on how to create your own layouts. These guiding that could be applied to any deck. Highly Recommended for anyone serious about learning the messages behind the cards and how to delve deeper.

Regardless if you are a beginner or advanced card reader, I am confident in saying that through learning my card reading techniques, you can easily access ah-ha moments that you are craving.

Through many years of card reading, I’ve witnessed and experienced:

  • Feeling stuck in a reading
  • So Frustrated that you can’t see a solution, so you give advice!
  • Embarrassed that you can’t see the querent’s answer
  • Lacking the skills to know how to get the hidden messages
  • Feeling discouraged when you can’t explain what a card means
  • Angry that the intuitive connection you crave isn’t happening

Do you relate?

That’s why I created the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards
Interpreter Certification Program.


In the simple course, I teach techniques that will give you:

  • The ability to tie in all the missing elements and finally feel that your readings are complete
  • The confidence to know what the cards are communicating
  • Skills that expand your ability to see your intuitive messages
  • The tools to make card reading magical and fun
  • New Insight to uncover the hidden messages in the Chakra Wisdom Cards
  • An expanded capacity to help your family and friends find their own solutions through YOUR new expertise.

This is what one of my students shared about the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Interpreter Certification Program was helpful….

Oh my gosh yes!! I am getting so much more out of the course…i really am quite surprised. I would go into this trance state during the calls with Tori and sometimes I wouldn’t be conscious of any of the material! I would do OK for the exercises…but would have to listen to the recording to pick up the teaching.

Having the textbook and reading…plus the teaching…layered with the activities and the comprehension quiz…it hits so many different learning styles and kind of keeps my brain busy while my intuition is taking everything in.

I have taken a LOT of classes…and a LOT of high dollar classes and this one is rock solid. It is meaty, deep material…. Tori’s teaching segments lightens things up…then takes it deep…then lightens it up again…(she is so GOOD at that!)

So…yeah…it is fantastic.


Are you similar to Susan and are…

  • Tired of the SAME classes that teach you an intuitive skill but never really deliver results?
  • Fed up with high dollar classes that only skim the surface by through card memorizing
  • Discouraged that you don’t really have tools that you need to create your own style of card reading?
  • Frustrated that your unique issues NEVER really get addressed?

Sound familiar?

Do you have a feeling that mastering card reading could help you understand your wounding?

People often come to me and say they have to get rid of something, a bad habit or painful memory, I always suggest we discover why they created it in the first place! What if the BLOCKS you’ve tried to get rid of, actually hold the answer to what it takes to transform your life?

What if you could use your blocks, to give you the momentum you need to move forward on your life path?

Yes! Sign me up for the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Interpreter Certification Program

Seeing you step into personal card reading mastery IS THE most important thing in my life. Your intuition is the one thing, that one element of your world that you will never give up no matter what. I believe in YOU. I devoted 5 months to create this new innovative certification program that is specifically developed to strengthen your intuition so YOU have your own ANSWERS.

By the end of Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Interpreter Certification Program, you will trust your intuition as never before and confidently become a natural interpreter in your own life. This will open up the path of your chakra map as if by magic.

I’ve mapped for you the quickest route to your destination. No longer will you have to suffer through any more decades of searching for meaning. Your answer is here.

On our magical journey, you will experience the 21 Module System AND learn to interpret the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards.

Imagine getting this information in DAYS instead of the years you have already spent on your own evolution – the best part is – all of your prior work counts!

This is an intimate experience that will lead you step-by-step to trust your card interpretation skills as you get to play and enjoy the new insights you’ll gain with Yourself and Others!

Did I mention the private FACEBOOK GROUP?

“Your intuition is already at work. My job is to help you see it, trust it, live with it and allow it to speak to you through the cards.”

Here’s how you’ll benefit from Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Interpretation:

  • You will be inspired by your own accuracy as you learn to trust your intuition
  • You will live in the knowing of what is true for you
  • That empty feeling will be filled with the inspiration of your own intuition
  • Your courageous spirit will be reawakened
  • You will intuitively know what is right for you and live it

The magic of discovering how to tap into your inner truth is that once you learn how to do it, it will come effortlessly and naturally to you.

I want you to be excited, you are about to embark on a journey that will magically reveal the truth of your intuition that is already inside you. In each playfully interactive Module, you will get confirmation of your own intuition. I couldn’t find anything like this when I started out, which is why I had to create it.

How The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Interpreter Certification Works

The extraordinary system of Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Interpreter Certification Program –  is completely new material – in which I bring to life the material in my new book: How To Read the Cards for Yourself and Otherswhich is the TEXTBOOK for the entire course! How cool is that??

I’m going to personally guide you through the book!

For your Certification, I have created an extreme focus; re-interpreted every single one of the original divination meanings to go deeper than ever before, and awaken your ability to tap into inspiration instantly. After I show you how to find and trust your inner chakra wisdom, you will begin to uncover your hidden family agreements, the blocks that you created to protect yourself and have the tools to reshape your destiny.

Through each module, you will see where your choices have been guiding you to this point.

Using your intuition, gaining insight, making decisions based on who you really are is the game changer you will now have access to.

You’ll listen to tips and insights that I provide in the accompanying VIDEOS, and enjoy the magical experience of validation of your intuitive skills with the FUNbooks that I’ve created – and YES you will be using my new book: How to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others as the TEXTBOOK!

This entire program is designed specifically to guide you to tap into the map of your life path locked in your chakra. When you get a new set of keys to open this up – it will catapult your reading skills. You will see what has stood in the way, and transform hidden agreements that no longer serve you.

If you’ve been drawn to the wisdom of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards, then the Interpreter Certification is a must. It opened up entirely new perspectives and depth for me and helped me step into the fables in a way not possible by reading the books. As a graduate of the Life Purpose Divination (LPD) and a trained LPD facilitator, the Interpreter Certification opened entirely new and different perspectives for me. I feel more connected with the cards now and more confident in applying them.


The Interpreter class is an incredible class a to build your skills. It allows you to get deep within yourself. I learned a lot about myself, which I believe is key to becoming a great reader. Tori really broke down a lot of concepts of the chakra wisdom cards, such as the chakra aspects and the neutral observer, to really make them super understandable. This was a really fun and enjoyable 8 weeks class and I highly recommend it. It pairs perfectly with the toolkit and how to read the cards for yourself and others. This class is really a great primer for both “own”work and your work as a card reader.


THIS IS A MUST TAKE CLASS FOR ANYONE ON A SPIRITUAL QUEST FOR A GREATER SENSE OF SELF AND PURPOSE – Taking this class allowed me to facilitate major shifts in my life, both internally and how I present myself to the world. Tori’s masterly presentation of the information and techniques presented in an orderly, experiential manner allowed me to personally define and refine the following: 1) How I relate to the issue is the issue. 2) How my thoughts, beliefs and patterns from prior conditioning needed to be shifted for me to experience a greater sense of my authenticity and true purpose. 3) How to re-frame aspects of my greatest wounds, to see how truly gifted I am. 4) How using “My Intuition” aligned with being “In Neutral Observer” allowed me to engage “My Curiosity” and “My Imagination” to “Be In Inquiry”, “Be In Upset”, “Be In Anger”, “Be In Confusion”, etc without being drawn into the trauma/drama by any person, relationship or circumstance. I finally understood why my sub-conscious was constantly triggering fight, flight or freeze responses in an attempt to keep me safe, when in reality, I was continually getting stuck in the same places every time I tried to move forward in any aspect of my life.

The major energetic shifts in my life were recognized, not only by people I know, but my first client, a complete stranger, recognized my gifts and asked me to support her in manifesting clarity and purpose in her life. I have been working with her for three months now and I have found a passion and purpose awakened in me that I never could have imagined. In understanding my own “Chakra Map of My Life” I am attracting other people on a similar quest. I have answered a higher calling “To Be Of Service”, so I have acquired a domain name and am in the process of creating a website.

How great is it that in learning how to reveal my true value and purpose, I am getting compensated for it in a very magical and meaningful way. I am attracting dream clients who want more than just one time readings before I even get a business card printed or have a website. My client base is by referrals only right now, so I have more income to continue investing in myself, “To Shine And Share From A Platform Of My Own Unique Excellence”.


Here are a few images from the course:

The Path of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Certification Programs begin with:

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Interpreter Certification

How to be a Successful Card Interpreter:

  • Come to this course with the knowing that something will shift.
  • Give up the “proof” mentality if you have it. I mean the stance of “prove this to me.” When people take on this point of view, they cannot access their intuitive wisdom. Your brain will close up to protect you.
  • Promise yourself that you will complete the journey. Remember that Chakra Wisdom mastery is cumulative, often during this process things will not make sense. Stay the course.
  • Make your intuition the guiding force of your life
  • Trust that you WILL find your own answers
  • Learn the secrets to live in your emotions without being stopped by them
  • Meet your Neutral Observer – the main tool you need to interpret the cards
  • Embrace the blocks that ALWAYS stopped you until now – and learn the tools to move through them
  • Learn the secret technique of what you make meaning to gain the confidence you desire
  • Realize that there are divination secrets and strategic language that will shift your reality
  • Experience the ASTOUNDING inspiration of the divination tools you will master to guide yourself and others

How to Get Started:

  • Use one of the BIG ORDER NOW buttons on this page.
  • Open the welcome email that will give you the instructions on how to log-in to download the first video and FUNbook.
  • Simply log-in at any time to access the materials and/or download them to your computer for easy reference
  • Go at your own pace

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit AND the new book How to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others?

Yes. This course is based on Tori’s newest book, and she will guide you through each chapter. We have found reading a few pages, watching a short video and taking a quiz for comprehension is the most effective way to learn the material.


Is it difficult to do this program?

Oh, gosh! No. The fun ahead can be easily followed by both those experienced or new to this work.


How do I know if this program can actually help me?

The question of if this program will actually help you comes down to you. If you do it, you will definitely see your life in a way that you couldn’t see it before.


I have taken classes with Tori before, how is this different?

This is the first complete facilitator program that Tori has ever offered. Taking this course will give you a certificate as a Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Interpreter. If you choose to, you can proceed through the learning modules and as you master each level, you will gain more marketable skills.


So what’s the price for this life-changing package?

Well, for a limited time only, you can get the package for the price of  $547, a major discount from the true value of $997. You won’t see this fantastic price anywhere else, nor is this unique system available all the time. For only $547, you will put an end to that emptiness inside and start feeling inspired as you learn a marketable skill! Remember, this is a limited time price, please don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity.

 Special Gifts With Your Purchase

Stepping into the Energy to do a Client ReadingCard Reading Meditation Mp3

For a limited time only, if you purchase this course, you will also receive my new meditations for readers – as part of the course journey

Tori Reading the 49 Fables Mp3s

Listen to Tori read the original fables that were told to her by the angels all those years ago. These original 49 fables will come to life as she takes you through each fable one-by-one, an experience that provides an extra level of learning. You will: Gain insight from the very place that it all began — The Fables themselves.

To sum it up here’s what you’ll get with access to:

  • Access to Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Interpreter Certification  Program. You can use these virtual modules whenever you want for your journey of self-discovery (a $997 value)
  • Access to the private Facebook Page – This is your chance to interact with others taking the course if you so choose
  • BONUS #1: Meditation for Card Readers Mp3
  • BONUS #2: Tori Reading the Fables Mp3s
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certified Seal
  • You can choose to be listed in our certified interpreters page on our website. PLUS you will get a customizable page on our website to advertise your services.

Total Price if Purchase Seperately: $1601

Our Package Price: $997
Payment Plans Available (select the order button and it will give you the options)

Remember: You have no idea what will happen if you do this work, but you absolutely know what will happen if you don’t.

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Interpreter certification allowed me to hone in on my intuition. Tori continued to amaze me every class. She broke down the content in such a way that it came together so well when we completed the final class. I will definitely be taking Level 2 as I have been told that this is one of the first journeys I am destined to take post-retirement. I highly recommend Level 1 to anyone with an interest in discovering your own intuition and self-realization.


The CWOC Interpreter class was amazing in terms of content and experience. Learning how to be present with myself and clients extends to every aspect of life. Speaking of aspects, learning the aspects of the cards shifts the level of being and service to the unimaginable. Tori is a gifted teacher and is truly passionate about sharing her knowledge and rich experiences with her students. I truly enjoyed the experience of coming home to my intuition and the deep healing that encompasses. The Interpreter Course strengthened my role in holding neutral space for authentic messaging and perspectives to come forth. Whether you are a reader, an intuitive or wanting to be more present in a different type of role, this course is a wonderful guide and resource.


Working with Tori and her cards has been eye-opening for me and for my teenager because as I was learning with the Interpreter class I was sharing what I was learning with my son. Learn all you can and take as many classes and webinars as you can. These cards help you learn about how your family history and ancestors are affecting you and your life choices today, and if you can do this for yourself, you can do this for clients too. I was so pleasantly surprised by the levels of learning available with just the first certification. I recommend this course to anyone who is considering reading for clients for fun, and for a business.


I loved this course. It was very empowering. This course focuses on developing your innate intuitive skills/abilities. Rather than focusing on card reading techniques, the classes provide methods of intuitive development. Essentially, this course gives you the foundation needed to TEACH YOURSELF how to read the CWO. In this class, you will discover the thought patterns and emotional patterns that extinguish your intuitive flame.


Have Questions?

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About Tori Hartman

Tori Hartman is a world-renowned psychic, author, and spiritual teacher. She is the only American psychic ever interviewed by the New York Times and the Los Angeles Business Journal. She has helped celebrities such as Jeff Lewis in launching his hit TV show, Flipping Out, on Bravo Networks USA. Born and raised in the free-thinking atmosphere of New York’s Greenwich Village in the 1960s, Tori has been aware of her psychic abilities since the age of eight. After a near-death experience about 25 years ago, Tori began having a series of encounters with angels that revealed the profound fables that were to become the basis for her #1 best-selling Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards and Toolkit. She has also been nominated as this year’s Personality Of The Year by Kindred Spirit Magazine and has been invited to make an appearance at Barnes and Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles, a location mainly reserved for celebrity authors. Her latest offering is Life Purpose Divination, a system designed to shut down your brain to allow you to learn to live with complete trust in your intuition.

Being in a course is experiencing it, being a facilitator you share it with others.

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