This is a  4-week expanded FUN Group version of the Single session offer you may have heard about:

From Exhaustion to Enthusiasm

Redreaming the Future and Finding YOU Again. 

This material is from the Multi-Generational Healing work I developed from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards…

BY APRIL 2020,

Our Lives became unrecognizable – Covid had wiped out families, friends and neighbors. Grief swept the world. No country, leader or citizen was exempt. Confusion and fear of the future floated in the air. 





And today, there is uncertainty if our next steps would be possible.

Are you ready to:

Have mind altering insight into your family of origin. Intuitively see your past like never before. Create a new compassionate understanding of yourself and your ancestors.

Set aside the old idea of resolutions, goals and manifesting for now… this is a time for you to open up the hidden family agreements to see the Legacy you have been left.

When we dive deeply into our spiritual family connections, we can then create a Legacy Vision Board to remember who we are, and the spiritual gifts we have always had. 

Then, our true purpose can be revealed…

Each week you will enter through a FUN power packed doorway to deeper revelations that will free you from the exhaustion of the 24 months of 2020. You will feel connected again AND bring a new form of inspiration into your world…

In our final week, we will work with Your Legacy Vision Board

Each week you’ll get inspiration in your IN: 

  1. Pre-work to do before your group session.
  2. Group dynamic to share your breakthroughs!
  3. Tools during our meetings to open up an even deeper reveal of your insights from the pre-work
  4. Applying the spiritual tools in a “private” zoom room with one or two partners (depending upon the exercise each week.

In 4 weeks, you will 

  • find the legacy you feel may have eluded you
  • Connect with your passion again and be able to access it no matter what is happening in the outside world.
  • Clearly see your hidden agreements – and recognize those that are complete
  • Feel the love from your ancestors that you were unaware of

Week One: Orientation

Your intuition is in charge. You already know far more about your ancestors than you think you do.

Continue on with what you began in our Masterworks call. With a short journaling exercise in class, you will work with a  partner to experience your intuition and learn the difference between the Brain and your intuition.


Your funbook material to review for next week.

An MP3 to listen to or a special gift from an ancestor exercise

PLUS … remember the story I told during the hour in Masterworks?  

Week Two – report to the

Green Room

Show up and find out.

Week Three – report to the 

Blue Room 

Your intuition has already made the decision

Week Four

Report to either the Red Room 

Or the Violet/Neutral room


The true effort on a scale from 1 to 10 is a 2.

This is ONLY worth it if you want to transform the

Tired – overwhelmed – lack of connection

To energized, focused, excited and on purpose.

This is a SUPER special offer that will be given ONLY once with ME LIVE guiding you. This at the GRANDFATHERED price I gave to Masterworks participants for a single session – and you will get 4 x’s the material! 

I will this material at $595


This is your price until February 1st 2022 at midnight – or until all spots are filled.

Beginning February 5th – February 26th 2022.

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