This fun, interactive, 21 module self-study course was created for people who want to learn how to interpret the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards. There are videos, audios, and quizzes that will help you integrate the material.

This is the first course to become certified to become a Master Reader and read oracle cards professionally. This training is also required if you want to become an Intuitive Facilitator or Multi-generational Healer.

This self-study training includes 8 Online Modules with FunBooks to walk you into the intuitive formula to intensify the Tools YOU Already know from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle CardsChakra Wisdom Oracle ToolkitHow to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others book and the Level One Interpreter course.

Did You Know?

Your agreements with your ancestors will always trump the law of attraction. That’s right. You may attract your desires, but you may not yet be able to sustain it.

This course will change all that. Imagine sustainable results.

However… more important than that …

Truly Enjoying What YOU Create

That is what Multi-Generational Healing IS all about!

In this amazing self-study course, you will experience my 7-step System to find your life purpose. I guide you to your purpose in only 7 weeks. All the answers are already inside of you. However, like many gifts from spirit, it takes some of us time to recognize what we’re given and the path we must take to realize our true calling.

This is an intimate experience that will lead you step-by-step to trust your own intuition and live your life purpose.

I introduced the concept of Aspects in my newest book “How to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others“. In order to support integrating the aspect work AND the Fables, I created this FUN 7 part workout to support your practice of card reading.

This process will be fun and fast-paced as it takes you on a Journey in creating awareness AND a map on how you are currently relating to your chakra.

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