A New Blog for My New Life

I find it interesting that I am beginning this blog in a Mercury retrograde. So much has happened in the last three years that it’s almost mind blowing. And as I write this, I’m [...]

What is the difference between the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards and the Chakra Wisdom Toolkit?

Hey everybody! For those of you that have been asking, I finally did it! Here is my first video in the new year. The differences between the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards and the Chakra Wisdom Toolkit.

Is there really a secret to learning the Chakra Wisdom Cards?

Yes. As usual, I could stop there. BUT, card reading IS MAGICAL. That’s why I love it. Truly it is the moment of lift-off. That connection with Spirit. The feeling like the Angels are holding [...]

Key Reading SKILL: The ability to empower the client.

One of the most important things that a great reader does is inspire you. In my years of doing private sessions, my intention was always to offer people an uplifting message – Not “good news,” [...]

The Ability to Embrace “not knowing” the Answer During a Reading

Experienced Card Readers ask questions, hold space, sit in the unknown, and give themselves the time it takes to truly unmask the wisdom before them in the cards. I often see newer readers jump [...]

Waiting for the Wave

Being psychic can be a strange experience. One night when I lived in Los Angeles I was out with a few friends at a local bar. We were chatting and out of nowhere I turned to the bartender and [...]

Are we Really Depressed?

Years ago, as he was dying my father told me; “You know, I’ve been depressed my whole life, it’s a terrible fate.” Even then something came through me and my response was, “Poppa, you weren’t [...]

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