Listen in as Tori talks all things Chakra about her BRAND NEW Chakra Wisdom Tarot Deck!

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to learn all about her new Chakra Wisdom Tarot Deck!

Thursday 2 May 2019
6pm EST

Soul Sexy Show Podcast


Join Tori Hartman as Bridgetta Tomarchio interviews her on the Soul Sexy LA Talk Show.  They will discuss Tori’s new release of her Chakra Tarot Deck and the importance of taking the core ideals of the Chakra Wisdom system–intention setting, personal growth, trusting your intuition–and the seven-chakra structure and applying it to the traditional 78-card tarot system, Chakra Wisdom Tarot is a tremendously insightful and powerful manifesting tool.

Saturday 4 May 2019
7pm EST

Tori Hartman on Interviews & Interactions (KTalk) with Linda Strasburg


Linda Strasburg is the longest continuous running female talk show host in the United States. For 25 years Linda has presented her program InterViews & InterActions on K-Talk Radio. She has interviewed over 3,000 guests; she received a citizen nominated award as one of “The Top 100 people Positively Influencing Utah”. Her radio program has been spotlighted in City Weekly and Catalyst magazines. Linda is a writer, speaker and a life-coach.  Join Tori and she and Linda chat about her new Chakra Wisdom Tarot Deck!

Monday 6 May 2019
4:30pm EST

Poppoff Radio Show featuring Tori Hartman!


Mary Jane Popp hosts The KAHI Noon News and Poppoff with Mary Jane Popp. Poppoff is a fast-paced Magazine Radio Show dedicated to keeping you on the cutting edge of today’s hot button issues. Poppoff says what it does and does what it says. It’s energetic, upbeat, entertaining and motivational. From the inner to the outer self, Poppoff takes you to a new dimension in Radio.

Tuesday 7 May 2019
9pm EST

The Psychic Coffee Shop Podcast with Aeson Knight


The Psychic Coffee Shop interviews Tori Hartman about her release of the new Chakra Tarot Deck! The podcast is known for giving you information on current events from a psychic perspective, we often have special guests stopping by to share a cup of Joe, good conversation, and their unique gifts with us. From influential and inspiring writers and prominent members of the psychic community, we cultivate a lively discussion from all walks of life.

Wednesday 8 May 2019
1:30 EST

Tori Hartman on WAIF 88.3 FM with Tara Robinson


Loving Life! Primary Job: Wife and Mommy. Other Passions: Life Coach, Publishing Whole Living Journal, Radio Host, Public Speaking…and soon to be author.

Join Tara and Tori as they discuss her new release of the Chakra Tarot Deck on May 14, 2019!

Thursday 9 May 2019
1pm EST

In The Spirit with Gary Goldberg


WRPI is the campus radio station at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. We broadcast 365 days a year at 10,000 effective watts from our tower in North Greenbush, New York, which gives WRPI an approximate listening radius of 75 miles. Our programming includes a wide range of alternative and experimental music, cultural and public affairs programs, live local bands, special events and sports simulcasts.   Join Gary as he interviews Tori on her NEW Chakra Wisdom Tarot Deck!

Monday 13 May 2019
2pm EST

The Dr. Pat Show Podcast


Dr. Pat Baccili is a leader in the field of human potential and the creator of the remarkable “Epic World”.  An international award winning talk radio host, TV commentator, keynote speaker, certified career and belief coach, dynamic seminar leader, award winning author/researcher on fostering respect and trust in the workplace, inspirational speaker, and CEO of a successful motivational company.

Dr. Pat has received numerous awards for her empowering message on radio and her contribution to “Green Awareness” including The Crystal Award of Excellence, The Award of Distinction and Host of the Year! Beyond radio, Dr. Pat was named Aspire Magazine’s – Aspiring Woman of the Year, The National Ordinary People Extraordinary Outcomes Award, the Women’s Choice Leadership Award™, and two Stevie Awards: Women Helping Women in Business and Management Team of the Year!

Wednesday 15 May 2019
3:45pm EST

Awakenings Podcast with Michele Meiche!


Michele Meiche interviews Tori Hartman in anticipation of her new Chakra Tarot Deck release. Awakenings is Your place for insight, tools and the 411 to track & navigate the Path of Awakening, Soul Expression, and living your life more fulfilled in all areas. Learn and share in living more awake, aware and conscious in your everyday life. Gain the insight and learn the tools to find your Soul purpose and Path to live your Soul Expression more happily and abundantly.

Wednesday 15 May 2019
9pm EST

Conscious Living Network


Conscious Living Radio is a program that explores alternative paradigms emerging in psychology, health, various sciences, community building, education, and various philosophies that challenge the modernist outlook and the institutional forms that express it.

Thematically it reflects the orientation of the new consciousness that emerged out of the 60s counterculture and has been growing ever since. It is a consciousness that views the need for profound social transformation, recognizing that personal transformation is integral to that. It will give voice to those searching to create a new culture, one that embodies different values than the consumerist ones that dominate Western, modern society. They are values that ultimately can be defined as being spiritual as opposed to material.

The format consists primarily of interviews, mostly live, some pre-recorded, with various authors, teachers, workshop facilitators, theorists and therapists, both local and visiting. Music is used only for transitional purposes. There is a small segment devoted to some interesting news, inspirational quotes and informational tidbits as a break at the half hour, beginning or end.

Thursday 20 June 2019
11:40am EST

KSVY Morning Radio Show with Tori!


What are listeners tuning in for? What can they find on KSVY that they can’t find anywhere else? Exactly what visitors to the Valley of the Moon have known for decades: Sonoma. We are unique in our geography, our cultures, our foods, our views, and our people. We know there is no place like Sonoma, as do the multitude of visitors to our area every year. KSVY offers what no one else has; distinctive community programming with Sonoma flair. KSVY stands alone in its ability to bring what is best about Sonoma to its community and the world.

KSVY is unique in its ability to convey not only locally, but regionally, nationally, even globally, what is distinctive about Sonoma, its people, places and events.

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