Card Reading Magic 2015, 2016 & 2018 Downloads


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Host Tori Hartman

Guest Speakers in 1.0: Colette Baron-Reid, Brigit (Biddy Tarot), Ann Hentz, Chrissy Astell, Chris Wold, Dax Carlisle, Judith, Jo Lal (Watkins Publishing), James Wanless, Kim Arnold, Leigh McCloskey, Mary Greer, Lyn Thurman, Mel Carlisle, Stewart Pearce, Robert Camp, Daily Tarot Girl, Michelle Patterson

Guest Speakers in 2.0: Kala Ambrose, Margaret Ann Lembo Benebell Wen, Ethony Dawn, Kate (Daily Tarot Girl), Radleigh Valentine, Maria G Maas, Brigit Esselmont, Jaena Moynihan, Nicole Guillaume, Avril Price, Christiana Gaudet, Michelle Patterson, Etan Ilfeld



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