Have You Ever Been Stuck In A Reading?

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Being frustrated in not knowing how to interpret a card can make you doubt yourself.  And the Chakra Wisdom Tarot Cards actually give you keys to instantly get unstuck in a reading.

I was coaching a new Tarot reader on this issue:

So, you’re looking at the Six of Cups. You know what that means, right? Nostalgia.

But in the moment, this card didn’t make sense to her in the story of the reading. What now?

We have ALL had had THIS moment.

We freeze.

We don’t want to misguide our client.

So we recite what the card means – “Oh, you are going to perhaps meet up with an old friend and reminisce.”

Which is exactly what my client shared with me. She somehow felt, even after the reading that she missed something.

This is how the Chakra Wisdom Tarot Cards can perhaps add a new layer of thought – or as I like to say a bridge between the cards.

There are times when one card doesn’t flow into another, but you sense it should.

In this case, I reminded her about the Sixth Chakra – which the Six of Cups falls into.

Cards can reveal hidden family agreements, old ideas and may indicate completion of a family pattern.

Immediately a light bulb went off!

She got it.

Her client had been considering going back to work in the family business, which was construction. The last time she worked for her father she was a teenager, and many times she would leave in tears from his temper.

The idea of nostalgia didn’t really click, but the client had agreed that it sort of made sense, although it was not a fond memory. My client, the reader, also felt incomplete.

The added idea of the 6th Chakra added another layer that she had missed – her client was grown up now. She had been to graduate school and had become a practicing architect. Her family needed her now, as her father was older.

And while it wasn’t nostalgia – it was a 6th Chakra family agreement that was completed.

She had matured, knew the business and could certainly run the business now.

*Note: her father’s father wanted to become an architect but there was no money, so he became a mason, and while he was good at it, his dream was never realized.*

Can you see how much more powerful this reading could have been for the client – had she recognized that a family gift was realized by her?

One of the things to recognize is that using the Chakra with the Tarot can add to the experience. Each one is stand alone. And it can be like pulling two cards – the Chakra may appear to mean something else – yet it may lead you to a hidden aspect of the reading that creates a breakthrough for your clients.

To familiarize yourself with the Chakra Wisdom Tarot – hop on over to the website and check out the free videos to learn more.

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  • Jerry

    I love the Six of Cups in the Chakra Wisdom Tarot – The is card is truly unlike any other deck, in all of the aspects of the card that it brings out. Every element of this card is just so fascinating to meditate on – the central figure, the doors behind her and the cups suspended and glowing. It makes a great altar card too! The colors are so deep and draw me in.

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