Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Guided Meditations for Card Readers

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These short meditations are designed to support you in tapping into your own intuitive answers. In each meditation, you will be instructed to pull a card or cards.


1. Reading the Cards for Yourself

Summon your guides and angels. Step into the state of the card reader.

 Play Time: 0:06:23



2. What is Holding You Back?

Yup, you will discover where your personal block is … are you ready?

Play Time: 0:11:21



3. Making the Right Choice

Are you ready to experience confidence in your choices?

Play Time: 0:08:46



4. Daily Message from Your Chakra

Get ready for your day! Here I will tell you what the chakra you selected means for your day.

Play Time: 0:04:54



5. Finding the Answers in Your Chakra

Using a fun reading technique, I’ll walk you through discovering the message from your chakra.

Bonus: FREE layout too!

Play Time: 0:09:28


6. Stepping into the Energy to do a Client Reading

I’ll walk you through the steps I take to read the cards with a client…shhh… don’t tell anyone but you can use this with ANY card deck!

Play Time: 0:08:00


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7 reviews for Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Guided Meditations for Card Readers

  1. Lois Weinstein

    The Meditations are helpful to better understand the process of using the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. I found each one insightful and thought-provoking for reading for myself and others. I can listen to the Meditations at any time and stop and restart them to take notes. My one wish is that there were written transcripts so I could read along and highlight information. Overall, the information provided assists me in accessing my intuition, learning new card spreads, and gaining a new perspective on the different aspects of each Chakra. Definitely, I am glad I purchased the Meditations as I continue to study and use the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. Thank you, Tori Hartman for these Meditations to further my growth as a Chakra Oracle Wisdom Card Reader.

  2. Lori

    The meditations are very insightful! The extra information Tori gives to explain each color on the card you may have chosen is helpful in understanding and answering the questions that were asked or information our guides need us to see to clarify what we need to work on. I would highly recommend if you are trying to get started reading cards for yourself and others!

  3. Sarah

    I love these meditations. They go into great depth and offer insights I had not though of before. I listened to them all, but I am now focusing on each one, one-at-a-time, and redoing over and over for several days. I am not through all of them yet, but each time I listen I pick up on something new. The cards have so much more meaning for me now…even beyond all of the fables.

  4. Mikayla Martinsen

    These meditations are my new favorite part of the day. I’m new to the cards and am currently doing the Oracle Toolkit so having these meditations is a nice addition. The recordings sound great and are so clear that you can feel the positive energy and intuitive guidance that Tori’s sending out. Her explanations of the cards meanings and/or it’s Chakra color are very helpful in deepening my understanding as well. Love, love, LOVE!

  5. Jordan Woods

    These meditations are super helpful to anyone wanting to read for yourself or others. Each of the meditation seems to work off of one another. The last meditation is my personal favourite. Lots of little Tori hints along the way. I really think this is a must for any reader!

  6. Janet Levine

    Tori is truly gifted in the way she is able to speak to a person’s intuition. My intuition loves doing a ritual of clearing and then opening up sacred space to either read for myself or others. Each of these meditations provide spot on empowerment and clarity of focus of my connection to my intuition and keen awareness of being in Neutral Observer. The meditations can be used individually or in combination to establish and maintain a firm foundation to be an in depth card reader, as well as a confident, knowing individual. Thank you Tori for providing another tool to add to my skill set.

  7. Janneke

    I like the Meditations for Readers very much.
    The information you give, is clear and easy to follow and understand.
    I like to hear it over and over to make myself ready for reading the cards for myself and other ones.
    Thank you for all the information I got, up till now!

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