Chakra Wisdom Oracle Experiential Meditations

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Experience Your Chakra by listening to the Chakra Experiential Meditations.

Each of the seven meditations that form this collection, offer you a chance to fully experience and engage with the power of that particular chakra. These meditations span anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes each, and are based on the teachings that Tori has learned from the original Chakra Wisdom Card fables.

Because Tori works with the Chakra as an evolutionary and ongoing conversation within, each meditation is designed to allow you to experience the power of that chakra.

It all began with the original fables, and what you will experience in every aspect of this work is a deepening, and an understanding of your personal development. These meditations are an experiential adventure through your living chakra.

This new meditation collection is not part of any other material.

Let this innovative new concept download from Tori Hartman guide you to:

  • Gain personal insight into your Chakra
  • Come to know your chakra in its natural modality
  • Develop your intuitive Chakra reading awareness
  • Discover how your personal energy moves through your chakra



The First Chakra – Red: here you will experience your root and where you have come from. This is the first step in forming your foundation, and changing where you source your energy from.
The Second Chakra – Orange: here you will experience your personal emotions and how they can take on a life of their own. You will discover the power of emotional discipline.
The Third Chakra – Yellow: here we will work with your instinct, what your gut tells you.  This is your energetic planning center, and it often reveals where you will quit before the miracle – in this meditation will work with staying on path or veering off it if need be.
The Fourth Chakra – Green: here we will work with your heart and discover the true purpose of the heart chakra. You will open up your awareness about whether or not your heart is committed to what your mind says you desire.
The Fifth Chakra – Blue: in Chakra Wisdom the fifth chakra represents your manifesting center. Here are you will experience sending a message out to the world, and observe how the world is responding to you.
The Sixth Chakra – Indigo: in Chakra Wisdom the sixth chakra of indigo encompasses the entire purple family. Your sixth sense is often developed out of necessity through experiences with your family of origin. It is often a fractured soul who is a brilliant intuitive – however the ability to form a discipline with your wisdom will dictate whether your energy will connect with others in the world, or stay in a bubble of your own creation.
The Seventh Chakra – Violet: in Chakra Wisdom the Seventh Chakra of Violet is the most neutral observer, and in Chakra Wisdom I refer to the fables in this category as neutrals. It is the place in which spirit can speak to us, and our highest selves can connect our message to the world.

3 reviews for Chakra Wisdom Oracle Experiential Meditations

  1. Esther

    I absolutely adore this package of meditations. Tori’s books are great but there’s nothing like having her in your head, guiding you through a meditation. It’s just you and her voice, weaving a story, challenging you, soothing you and interrupting you with invocations to breathe (how does she always know when we’ve held our breath!). I have so many of her meditations from Money Manifestations to the entire Chakra Experiential Meditation Collection and let me assure you – they NEVER get old. And they never age – once you’ve bought them and used them for a time and set them aside you can go back to them months or over a year later and get new insights into a current situation just by listening to these meditations. I love them, I’m sure you will, too!

  2. MH

    The meditations were very new to me at the first time; they seemed to be different from any other traditional chakra meditations. I listened to all the files anyway but was a bit disappointed and locked it in my so-called mp3 drawer and forgot it, as Tori did with her stories that would develop into the Chakra Wisdome Oracle cards later. Almost a half year later, I was using my Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards and decided to retry these audio files… and it was a whole new world. I agree to Esther’s review; they never get old.

  3. Kaye B.

    The meditations ( and all the material I have bought from Tori ) has been profound ! Highly recommend anything she does ! It may not be for you if your not willing to open up and experience change, to look at your lineage, and creatively bring about a new way of looking at things. Her work is rooted, solid, and transformative, not your average self help type of work. I have experienced transformations and synchronicities as being apart of her Intuitive Insider participant and have meet a few friends along the way. The mediatiations are great for the car, MP3, carrry-along-with-you material. P.S. I have to say also that I really enjoy her voice and how the material is presented.

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