Meditations for Card Readers – Reading the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards for Yourself

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Summon your guides and angels. Step into the state of the card reader.


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8 reviews for Meditations for Card Readers – Reading the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards for Yourself

  1. Ruchi MehrotraDutta

    Tori’s meditation for me are my go to meditation. Whenever I face an overwhelm or shortage of time I open her meditation and hear them . Not only do they free my mind, they also put me in a better perspective. The Read the card for yourself meditation had now become my new favourite before I read cards . Thank you Tori for this wonderful Gem . ❤

  2. Reen

    love the meditation
    really feel the intuition of my soul heart and mind leading me to a firm answer
    Toni’s meditation is a step by step guide to your authentic real self.
    thank you toni

  3. Helen Harvey

    The Meditations for Card Readers help me to quickly get into the zone for card reading. Their unique approach has given me insight into blocks and how to move past them. I recommend them as a companion to the Chakra Wisdom Cards.

  4. Suzanne

    Tori’s instructions are clear and easy to follow. Her voice is lovely and information is shared in a straightforward manner. Thank you, Tori!

  5. Lois Weinstein

    This meditation provided me with another way to prepare for a reading by connecting to the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck and my intuition before guiding me through a process leading to the actual reading of the cards. It can be used with any oracle or tarot deck. I highly recommend it!

  6. Shell

    This short meditation is great for centering and getting in the proper headspace for accurate and insightful card readings. As a busy person I really appreciate that it gets you to that place FAST and easy! Thanks Tori – your meditations never disappoint!

  7. Noel

    Great start to my journey. The meditation is very relaxing and effective!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Jeremy Filbert

    Tori digs deep into the meanings of her stories. She guides you along your path of enlightenment with a clear understanding of what the cards are telling you or the person you are reading for. Highly recommended.

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