Spiritual Club

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I’ve created an online community so my card readers can help each other uplevel their lives.

Whether on Facebook or in person, so many Chakra Wisdom card readers told me how they wished they could LEARN MORE about the cards as well as INTERACT with other card readers on a regular basis.

So I created the Spiritual Club to allow for regular use of the cards to more powerfully impact everyone involved.

Purchase now and have access to over 80+ recordings from the past three years!  Take time to listen and learn, and decide whether you would like to pursue formal Certification!


Here’s what happens when you become part of the Spiritual Club Member:

Right away you’ll get a welcome email that contains your login info for the club.

Once you log in you’ll find…

  • The recordings of past club meetings
  • The members only online community

3 reviews for Spiritual Club

  1. Lois Weinstein

    I greatly enjoy the meetings held and learn so much about myself through the various activities Tori Hartman guides us through in a wonderful format where you also get to work with like-minded people. Tips and techniques using the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards are covered as well as support for ongoing learning during the sessions and Club. Replays are available if I miss a session or I want to listen again. I do my best to attend the meetings so I can interact with Tori and the other members. I look forward to each month’s new topics and activities to better understand myself and help others, too.

  2. Kaye B.

    The Intuitive Insiders Group is more than learning how to read the cards. It has been transformative to my inner/outer life. It is a deep exploration into the chakras while learning how to read cards for yourself and others. Highly recommend.

  3. Zeenah

    I love the club. The Toolkit Journey calls have really helped me learn the cards. My favorite is Psychic Tuesday the quick readings that Tori does for the members are powerful and such a bonus to getting an insider look at the process.

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