Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Essentials

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With more than 7 hours of recorded time, this audio program will offer new ways to interpret the cards as well as Tori’s personal stories around teaching and learning the cards themselves. It contains everything she knows about the cards as she goes through many of the misinterpretations people have, and provide clarity for situations where a reading has gone in a scary direction to bring you back to finding inspiration in your readings. You will learn:

  • Specific, updated individual messages for reversals of all 49 cards
  • New Intuitive strategies to see deeper into each card
  • How to avoid discouraging misinterpretations in your readings
  • Insights into the chakras that will reveal your life path

PLUS get the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Expanded Meditations for FREE (a $47 Value)

3+ hours of audios, this intuitive experience brings the meditation for each card to life. The audio downloads are separated alphabetically by each card and in this soothing audio, Tori assists you to get into a meditative state.

2 reviews for Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Essentials

  1. June Grubbs

    Beautiful cards with a depth of meaning. Creative stories that helps you remember meanings and allows your intuition to flow.

  2. Janet

    The Chakra Wisdom Essentials Course stays true to its title. It is like a behind the scenes peek of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards, full of valuable information and cues to hone the multi-dimension approaches to the use of these wondrous cards. They are like an exercise class for your intuition.

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