The Ability to Embrace “not knowing” the Answer During a Reading

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Experienced Card Readers ask questions, hold space, sit in the unknown, and give themselves the time it takes to truly unmask the wisdom before them in the cards.

I often see newer readers jump into interpreting a card before they’ve even allowed themselves the time and space to comprehend what it’s telling them.

This is sometimes an innate fear of appearing to not be in control.

When you first begin really working with reading cards intuitively, it can feel like it’s taking a huge amount of time to interpret a card. But opening up the energy to read cards and listening to the Angels speak to you takes time. After years of doing this, I can now look and know because I first open my energy to receiving a message, and it happens faster.

There is a skill to learning this, and it is what I love to teach!

For years, I ran a recording studio. I often trained the engineers how to work with clients. One day, we had a new engineer and I wasn’t there for his first session.

He recorded the talent, and sent the files.

At around 10 o’clock at night, I got a call saying that they were missing the first section of the recording.

Now, knowing that in that business things turn on a dime, I immediately phoned the engineer and asked where the missing files were. Luckily, he lived nearby and came in to help locate them. I met him at the studio and ask him to find the files because I couldn’t.

He took a few minutes and then appeared puzzled. That is when he admitted that he hadn’t hit the record button yet. He hadn’t been ready he told me, and was afraid to tell the client this because the client loved that take so much.

You can imagine what a mess this caused!

Now why would I tell you a story like that?

I mean, after all, we all make mistakes right?

Yet if we look at the bigger picture, this young man didn’t take the time he needed to prepare. As a result, the session ran him and he spent time trying to hide his mistakes rather than face them.

Do you see the similarity with card reading? And life..?

When you’re reading cards and you don’t know the answer, you end up scrambling to fill the space and do anything you can to avoid feeling or looking bad. I’ve watched as people work hard to look like they know what they’re doing, when it’s easier to stand still and wait for the answer to come.

A great engineer would say during that moment, “I didn’t get that take, we’ll have to do it again.” A great reader will say, “I’m not certain what this means yet, but let’s come back to it.”

So what we’re really talking about is trusting in the unknown. In Corporate America it’s called CYA… cover your A**.

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