The Key Tool to Mastering Card Reading

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The Chakra Wisdom Cards are a tool. They are an internal roadmap to remind us that we have everything we need to transform our own life.


How do I know this?


Because using them has completely transformed my life and I was driven to follow where they led me.


I have also seen the magic of these cards transform people who were once hopeless and lost, into people who now have everything they need to create the lives that was once just outside their reach.


But not only do these people have the tools, they now know how use them to read their own inner chakra map. Where they once struggled, they are focused and at peace. What a combo.


If you’re like me, and felt that you were absent the day they handed out life skills in school…I’d like to share with you the single biggest tool to learning to read the Chakra Wisdom Cards. Are you ready?


Other people.


I’m not kidding, we all know that we are the average of the five people we most often associate with.


So knowing this information, are you surrounding yourself with people who support and work with their own intuition? Those who are open and hold space for you? People who don’t judge you, but ask what something means to you.


In this conversation, let’s establish the concept of learning to be observers of ourselves.


What do I mean by that?


We get better at what we focus on.


For example, if you take cooking classes and apply yourself, opening your energy to the possibility of becoming a good cook, even those who can’t boil water, will become masterful over time. Then why do some people take a hundred cooking classes and never get it?


Are you ready?


Cosmic truth: They have yet to let go of the idea that they don’t know how to do it.


Now let’s apply it to the concept of spirituality.


Anything we do, anything that we create, we believe it can be done or we would not materialize it.


With that, I also have come to see that the point of the Chakra Wisdom fables is that we are offered  clues, like little road signs when we are going in the right direction.


When you can read the signs, things get VERY exciting.


The journey to learn cards is not a quick one.


BUT it happens suddenly, invisibly, you pull a card and you know what it means to you.


Most people will quit because they don’t get it after the first few tries.


Developing our intuition means following Spiritual road signs. It means trusting our higher calling. It means being around people who believe in us, and themselves. Gathering with like-minded individuals who are developing their intuitive side is the beginning.


This is the new frontier.


We all need community. We crave the connection with our Angels.


What if the people in our lives were the ones who were our first spiritual messengers?


Olympic teams are taught to care as much if not more for their teammates as they do for themselves.


The Chakra Wisdom Cards grew from one mastermind group. We used the tools to create unthinkable results. In our group we had, an Academy Award winner, Best-Selling authors, someone who won big money on a game show and so much more… the fables that the cards are based on work because the active ingredient is you – it’s you sharing you.


That’s what makes this work. Here’s something to try:


Ready? Ask five people you know:

What do you see is my greatest quality?


Write down the words people tell you.


Then ask: What do I need to see to own my greatness?

Now, pull a card.


What card did you get? What does it tell you?

I look forward to hearing what you see.

With Love,


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