Is there really a secret to learning the Chakra Wisdom Cards?

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As usual, I could stop there. BUT, card reading IS MAGICAL. That’s why I love it.

Truly it is the moment of lift-off. That connection with Spirit. The feeling like the Angels are holding your hand.

And, what’s REALLY fun is that once you learn to read one deck, you can pick up ANY deck and read it.

Then what is the secret?

Intuitive Wisdom.

See, you need to know the intuitive keys to unlock a deck, and they are IN YOU. Not the deck.

Many people try the external approach. They memorize the meanings, and then when they pull a card, they can recite what is in the book.  This is an external experience.

I once had someone ask me how you can stay detached during a card reading. My response was: don’t be a card reader.

Why would I say that? Because the point of anything we invest time is would be the connection. Right?

Why are churches popular? Because people can go somewhere and connect, my mother changed my life when she told me that the temple is within. And, you take you wherever you go…

My intention when I’m reading is to NEVER detach, it is to stay neutral.  Because spirit is neutral, and if we can know nothing, and make no interpretations what would happen to a card?

It then becomes a mirror, a way for us to see something that we would never otherwise see: ourselves. A card is the reflection of our inner journey.

Ready to try something with a card?

Let’s use the Joy Card:

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Now, write down 3 words that this card means to you… oh, and don’t use the word joy.

Go ahead. Stop reading… three RANDOM words that come to you. It doesn’t matter. Even if it makes no sense. I’m going to share with you three words from a client, I’ll call her Sara:




Now, your words will be different. However, as we look at these words, the word Crisis makes no sense, does it?

It didn’t make sense to Sara either.  She understood Reunion, as she was going to see her siblings at a summer reunion, and maybe sunshine… but crisis didn’t make sense.

Weeks later I received a phone call from Sara. She was at her reunion, and the glare of the sun off the pool was blinding everyone, so the party moved inside for a while, she hesitated and walked toward the pool. Her niece had fallen in and was struggling, she jumped in and saved her.

She said the words I’ll never forget: It was the feeling that made me stop and turn. I felt same feeling… the warmth of the Sun, the reunion, and then the word crisis…. I took 3 steps and saw her through the glare.

The point is that she said something there – it was a feeling she recognized.  This is one of many techniques I work with to awaken YOUR neutral observer.

And my favorite of course, is when you can really see the difference between your brain and your intuition!

As you put the pieces of reading techniques together, you awaken your own life, and see the magic begin to happen in your life.

With Love,


P.S. Hint, Joy is a 3rd Chakra card. So the hint for Sara came through a thought, or instinctual feeling. This is how she knew, it was the instinct to stop that called her to avert this crisis.

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