[4 Part Blog Series #1] Undervaluing Your Life Can Be Changed Now

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I know. It’s been a while. I have been silent. I didn’t know that I was lost… until I knew.

My compass was showing North, yet I was heading South. I had to make changes. But what?


Internal Obligations

After the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards came out, I quickly fell into the trap of making my work available to everyone. Making it “affordable” for everyone. I felt it was my spiritual obligation to help anyone who reached out to me. That meant charging prices that did not allow me a living wage.

It meant selling to 100 people! Yea. Sales.

Yet only 10% finished the work. The 90% walked away from their true North as well.

That 10% stayed true to their own evolution. The 90% got caught up.

Just like I did.

Here’s what happened: my clients, who I felt needed to be able to afford the work, were not doing it anyway. And guess what? They were my mirror! I was not trusting the value of my own work, so why should they?


The Myth of Charging More Money

It is a myth. Most gurus talk about charging more, yet for me it always felt phoney. And then it hit me:

It wasn’t charging more for me, it was for my client.


The Truth of Paying More

Anything in my life I have ever truly achieved I completely threw myself into – and paid whatever the price was.  And it allowed me to really enjoy mastery in it.


Think back now. Is there something in your life that you really invested into with time, money,  or energy? You never forgot it, did you?

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to know that evolution is not simple.


So, if you KNOW you are here to do something important, why would you avoid investing in it?  (aka Travel in a completely different direction?)

Here are 4 things to get back on track (and I’m showing you what I did):

  • I got quiet and remembered what I loved most: reading and writing books.
  • Made a decision. I decided to focus on making a living as a writer
  • Recognize the VALUE my commited clients received. This meant changing my online business DRASTICALLY to support only those who wanted change, craved it and knew they would do what it took to live the life they came here to live.
  • Accepted that what I offered could not, and would not be for everyone, and no longer play the price game with myself or my clients.  My price is my price.


How does this relate to you?

Most people who want to learn the teachings of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards know that they are here to do something important. They deeply want to follow their true North, and lead others to do the same.

But have you been traveling  South hoping to GUIDE others to their true North?

Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Get quiet and envision your true North
  2. Observe your own actions – Are you in all honestly going South – perhaps unconsciously thinking it would eventually take you where you want to go?
  3. Write ONE sentence about WHAT EMOTION you would feel when TRUE north begins to appear on the Horizon.
  4. Accept that change will happen, and this new direction may be scary for a time.


Tomorrow, I am going to detail what it looked like as I began moving in my true North.

With Love,




P.S. Remember BEING FIERCE is taking a stand for yourself so others can do the same. We can never guide others if we are not living our own truth.


P.P.S. If you think you won’t be back tomorrow, and want to get this information now, please CLICK HERE  for the next blog in this 4 part Blog Series on Making True Spiritual Changes in Your Life – What I’m Doing So You Can Too.

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  • Sara

    Thank you, Tori. You said what I couldn´t say, or wanted to. I often say (and been doing for a long time) – well, you can pay me by telling others, you don´t have to pay anything, I see it as training -and so on. Been doing that with my mediumship and now with the oracle cards. I started to think about that when I read a book about Usui and his Reiki work. He went to the poor people, thinking he would help them. After some time, he saw them come back – because they did not value the help they got for free – it was not a change they really wanted in their heart. I am like that – and I will stop. I can at least price my time – like any other person who has a business… I will follow your advice – and really focus on MY north. Thank you again, for that kick in the butt 🙂

    • Tori Hartman

      Sara – when I recognized my true north – that I wanted to support those who were completely willing to do what it took, it removed me from fear. And honestly I’m writing my books and feeling liberated. I get to work with people who are practitioners who REALLY are in that zone. One of the professionals I’ve had the opportunity to guide – sent this in today:

      Chakra Wisdom Oracle – each of these words represent doors to worlds of meaning. I took the Interpreter training to gain a handle on better understanding of Tori Hartman’s Chakra Wisdom Oracle Desk which I really enjoyed using. I certainly did receive excellent training on the deck and how to approach these cards in and better understand them. What I received was much much more than that! I had set my sights too low when I started this training. What I received was a guide in Tori’s training that led me to break though old barriers to a new way of being present to myself, to my those I serve and to Spirit. Approachable, Yes! Effective, Yes! Well Organized and structured, Yes! Safe space to explore. Yes! Exceeded all expectations, Yes! This training unlocks what most people will sadly never know, that there is life changing and affirming information to be discovered in our chakras. The Interpreters Course provided me with a ring of keys to unlock many doors to the sacred halls of intuitive knowing. The Interpreter Course prepared me well to go on to take the Level 2 Professional Reader training.

      If I follow my truth, I offer others an opportunity to do the same. Thank you…xo

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