[Blog 2 of 4] How A Mean Client Forced Me To Start Over

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I had to STOP working for My Business.

If you remember in the last email, I talked about True North being where you must go to live your purpose – yet many of us will travel south. Let’s look closer at this concept:

Of course it’s scary to walk INTO battle! That’s why most people never do it.   One of the most vivid stories that illustrates this for me is:

My father was a paratrooper on D-Day. 82nd Airborne. Radio Operator. As they were heading into the Battle of the Bulge, the retreating troops warned them:

“Don’t go in there! You’ll be surrounded!!”

Those men had only one reply:

“We’re paratroopers, we’re meant to be surrounded.”

THAT is what following your true North is really like.  It is the place you must go; even though you:

  • can’t afford it
  • know it doesn’t make logical sense
  • fear it
  • can’t explain why you’re doing it logically

This note landed on my desk and changed everything for me:

“Please RETURN my money you took illegally (in the past 48 hours) stole from my bank account as I NEVER authorized this transaction!!!”

Let’s look at the reality:

She had a payment plan for a certification. This was one of her payments she agreed to. Emails and calls later, it was never paid.

This email completely changed me.  

I LOVED people I was working with, yet I had lowered my prices so much that I was not making a living. All so I could help others.  But was I?

My business wasn’t making money. Hours of time spent chasing people who didn’t pay or wouldn’t pay began costing almost as much as I was making.

Soon after, in January 2018, I made the decision to make my living as a writer.

I had left California in 2015 and moved to  North Carolina to write full-time … and boy was I off track! IMMEDIATE decisions had to be made to change my current reality.


Here are the things I needed to do:

  • Look at my life again. Where was I?
    • I intended to attract my money as a writer, not depend upon my courses.
  • Stop working for my business
    • Create an entirely new business model
  • I had to raise my prices. Investment based. Commitment based.
    • It would only be affordable to the people who wanted to transform their lives & were committed to it
    • I had to give up MY need to appease everyone – and give up catering to price driven work
    • Investment had to be made, not only by my clients, but me too
  • No longer offer any low(er) cost products – the support desk personal cost ate up any profits from these sales
    • Giving up a sure thing for uncertainty on my part
  • Close my online store to the public. The store would only be open to those who completed Level One of Chakra Wisdom Card Interpreter Certification or Life Purpose Divination
    • Selling people random products felt like I was giving them a magic wand with no instructions.
  • Teach people who deeply desire to do what they came here to do.
    • Give up the meanies that I had to pay others to chase after to make payments or rally for their business. Ugh!
  • Accept that my work was not for those who needed it, it was for those who wanted it.


Great ideas right?

And it has sucked. REALLY sucked.

No money coming in, and I was beginning to feel it!

Let’s look at what REALLY happens (most of the time) when a decision of this magnitude is made:

You feel good! So good. For a while… then you quit.


The between part is the hardest in the world.

Fear about not having money had motivated me for a long time – so I’d try to make a change and then always back down. Many times my assistant suggested  we run a sale to bring in money.

This time, I said no.

I was no longer willing to undervalue my clients.

I took a big risk and did not pack a parachute.

My father always said that if you have something to fall back on, you’ll use it. And I had too many times.

When they marched into the Battle of the Bulge the only way to win was to fight their way out. There was no way out.

I pulled out all my fallback plans.

Once again, 10 years after I put my life savings into the original deck: Color Wisdom Cards (which became the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards), I made, and have committed myself to this powerful decision.

You must always face the dark night of your soul to reach your destiny.

My friend SARK, an author herself, once reminded me that you must invest money and lots of it at times. Far more than you want to, in order to arrive at the destination you choose.

So I did just that! I took money I didn’t have and was off to the London Book Fair in April 2018 – with no real agenda in mind, simply knowing I had to be there – I ran into an old friend who now runs a major publishing house.

He offered me a new book deal – on a napkin!

Then, I discovered that the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck sales had quadrupled that month.

In my next email, I will detail the turning point: and what it must look like to create personal leverage to take a risk.

Get yer pen ready!

With Love,




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