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I find it interesting that I am beginning this blog in a Mercury retrograde. So much has happened in the last three years that it’s almost mind blowing.

And as I write this, I’m sitting in my new home in Asheville North Carolina and it’s snowing. When I tell people I left 70° and sunny every day, they think I’m out of my mind. Some of you know, I sold everything I owned in California and moved to North Carolina.

Do you remember when we were little and our parents would ask why we did something? And sometimes we say as we shrugged our shoulders, “Because.”

So in my 50s I woke up and said have to go… I have to change my life. I have to literally shake the snowglobe and step into the complete unknown once again, because.

Sometimes when we are finished with something we pretend we don’t know it, because we are safe and comfortable. And the way we pretend everything is fine is through complacency.

We drink too much, eat too much, and then find our friends, circumstances, job, spouse, and children no longer fulfilling.

We are not taught to understand completion. We fight our mortality. And Hollywood is filled with it. Plastic Surgery is used as denial, and ultimately hides change.

So many people told me I was brave to do this, yet to me I had to save my life. My father didn’t jump on D-Day so that I could wither away fearful of leaving everything behind.  

Someone asked me why I was away from everything I had built.

I simply wanted a new adventure. I wanted to start again, and this time build on who I am today. The truth is that the life I created was based on a decision I made 25 years ago.

What decisions that you made so many years ago are you still living with? Even in the face of it being like a ratty old outfit, that needs to be used as a cleaning rag?

Are you willing to step back and dream again?

So as I start this intimate dialogue with you, remember that intimacy is into-me-see – Not something we get from someone else. I invite you to share your courage too.

For today, I invite you to think about who you decided to be.  For me, right now, I am going to take my dogs out in the snow and play.

Love, Tori

  • Kimberly

    Your post on “my new life” really resonates with me as I am contemplating the same thing. I’ve hit 50 and in the past 9 months I have been feeling a strong desire to move away from the beautiful city of Vancouver. This inspiration to travel and live in ashrams has hit me hard recently and I have no real way to financially support this venture, no idea of the outcome, but like you said I feel like this change is going to save my life. Thanks for sharing your journey. Oh, and I love your oracle cards.

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