Discover How Your Brain Uses Stress and Anxiety to Shut Down Your Intuition, Force you into quick fixes, and STOP the Intuitive Answers you Crave

OKAY, you got me… I’m offering a new Course!! Here’s the video I just did about the 3 Secrets to Intuitive confidence … In this free video, the 3 Solutions to Personal Mastery… you’ll hear me [...]


OMTimes Interviews Tori about How the Chakra Wisdom Cards Work

Tori Hartman – Chakra Wisdom Oracle by OMTimes Magazine July 22, 2017 See article on OMTimes Magazine here or read below.   Tori Hartman is a world-renowned author, spiritual teacher, and [...]


Why I Quit My Business

For nearly 10 years I continually, and I mean 10 – 16 hours a day, pushed the boulder up the hill to send out emails, free content, downloads and newsletters. NON-stop. I took classes on [...]


Chasing a Dream vs. Following Your Intuition

When I started the journey three years ago now to write my new book, I had no idea that it would take me on a path of a complete upside down life change. I always tell others that if you are [...]


What do those “Scary” Cards really mean?

A few years ago, this phenomenon began where someone would draw a card, and with one look at the image be thrown into upset. A picture on a card elicited a visceral response. They had, in their [...]

The Danger of Public Shaming and Tools to Live Into Your Gifts Now

I received a comment on a Facebook post I put up the other day. Now anyone who knows social media, knows that it is the wild west of opinions. But did I miss the memo? When did it become OKAY [...]

Cleaning Out the Friendship Drawer

When I was little if there was stagnant energy in the house my mother used to say: Go Clean out your sock drawer... Being alone during Christmas is a time for me to think deeply about what [...]


[Card Reading Magic: ACTION REQUIRED] Find YOUR Purpose in Cards

Last year, I decided to throw my hat in the telesummit game.  Truthfully, I was in the MIDDLE of my move cross country. My home had just sold, I had rented a temporary apartment in Asheville, NC [...]


Stop Trying to FIX me! It’s Annoying!

Have you ever felt that someone is not hearing you? That someone is trying to “empower” you with their wisdom? I recently listened back to a coaching session that one of clients taped with her [...]


[LIVE on Facebook] The 3 Secrets for Mastering the Chakra Wisdom Cards

Tomorrow/Today… August 3rd, the Bonus offers for my Spiritual Club Ends. The club is THE place to connect with me, and learn how to read the Chakra Wisdom Cards AND live intuitively. BUT I am [...]

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