Avoid this ONE Thought that Kills Creativity

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Typically, we only see results people have created and not their process to get there.

A few months ago I needed to create money – I had a feeling that my car was going to die and I needed a down payment in the bank.

I sat up in bed, did my chakra money attraction meditation, and that day one gig came in and then two days later, I had an idea that generated the exact amount of money I needed for my car.

Three days later my car died on an off ramp and I was towed into the dealership and bought my new car.  A few of my friends wanted to know the secret, and they asked me to teach them.

My Seven-Day Chakra Money Attraction Summit was born!

I opted to offer it completely free if people showed up for it. And if they chose to buy it, I would offer it an introductory price.

I suggested in a team meeting that after we do the first day we send out the first playback as a sample to encourage people who missed it to buy the series. My thinking was give it away and if it works for people they’ll come buy it…

Then I heard the line that kills creativity.

My advisor said, “what if they don’t like it?”


Honestly, I was rocked to my core; to suddenly focus my attention on whether people would like what I was doing, would completely grind me to a halt. It was a stunning moment, where I recognized that this is a thought I don’t consciously entertain or I would never do anything.


And then I went one step further, and I recognized that I created this person in my life to be the voice of my own doubt. As soon as I saw it, I stepped forward and took back the reigns of my own company.  No matter what no one can create when thinking or worrying about what others will think.

It doesn’t matter if somebody else doesn’t like it or me.

One thing I’ve certainly learned is that some people will often misinterpret what I say so they can be right.

What if they don’t like it?

The bigger question is: What if they do like it?

What if they use your material? What if it changes their life?

A few people wrote in and said that they couldn’t believe my meditation series was so inexpensive, and what I didn’t say is that I really wanted to make it accessible, and affordable for people to find their own yellow brick road.

So I’m off to  finish my book and get it to my publisher, long-overdue, but with a powerful lesson attached to it.

Remember detach yourself from anyone else’s fear as soon as you see it and you’ll find freedom.

Much love,


P.S. By following my own intuition, I offered my first meditation in the series free and guess what? I focused on supporting more people in following their path of magnetizing money through their chakra, and it was a huge success. You can still get the series on my website for a discount – www.ToriHartman.com


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  • Evelyn

    Great point made!

    I can see where this same doubt gremlin has halted my own creativity.

    Thank you !

    • Tori Hartman

      Evelyn –
      And most of the time “they” will love you… We halt our life for the few, and deprive the many in the process…:) YOUR voice matters! x Tori

  • Judi Shearer

    Hey psychic lady, how did you know this was exactly what I needed to read this morning. I felt this message was meant for me personally. Thanks!

    • Tori Hartman

      Love you Lots Judi! OMG remember our early Spiritual Club days! YOU are such a light. I am starting up the club again and I can’t wait… miss you lots x Tori

  • Chris

    Tori: This article is powerful. I purchased your Meditation series and enjoy it very much. As a spiritual teacher myself I sometimes find myself in this same situation. What if? Who am I to offer this life changing material? Thank you for helping me acknowledge what blocks my creativity and take the fear from others as an opportunity to see it for what it is.
    You are amazing!!

    • Tori Hartman

      Chris – If YOU spot it you got it. Thank YOU for allowing me to be your mirror. x Tori

  • Beth

    Thanks for sharing this experience. I just had an insight today during my morning meditation about Self Doubt. It keeps me humble and I can let it serve that purpose , at low volume, but not give it more power than that. We definitely don’t need more external voices of doubt and discouragement. Here’s to keeping in the creative flow and our own Source. <3

    • Tori Hartman

      Well put Beth! x Tori

  • Catherine Reichert

    Thank you for sharing this information. This is so true and a great reminder.

    • Tori Hartman

      Thanks Catherine! So blessed to know you! x Tori

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