What if the idea of Changing Beliefs is what Keeps Us Stuck?

I must admit that when people tell me that they are working on changing, or wanting to change a belief, I wonder why. Some of you know the story, yet it bears repeating. Years ago, I was at a [...]


OMTimes Interviews Tori about How the Chakra Wisdom Cards Work

Tori Hartman – Chakra Wisdom Oracle by OMTimes Magazine July 22, 2017 See article on OMTimes Magazine here or read below.   Tori Hartman is a world-renowned author, spiritual teacher, and [...]


Everyone in Your Life Led You to this Moment

One of the things I learned early on in my career is to write something that will change your life. I know people say to write what you know, but on the road to putting down on paper what we [...]


You’re NOT Angry. You’re IN Anger. And other Card Reading Musings…

So. I have taken to writing a Monday minor rant on my FB page. I’m having a blast with it, and enjoying my anger! Last week I posted about children being left in hot cars and dying. Horrifying! [...]


Chasing a Dream vs. Following Your Intuition

When I started the journey three years ago now to write my new book, I had no idea that it would take me on a path of a complete upside down life change. I always tell others that if you are [...]


What do those “Scary” Cards really mean?

A few years ago, this phenomenon began where someone would draw a card, and with one look at the image be thrown into upset. A picture on a card elicited a visceral response. They had, in their [...]

The Danger of Public Shaming and Tools to Live Into Your Gifts Now

I received a comment on a Facebook post I put up the other day. Now anyone who knows social media, knows that it is the wild west of opinions. But did I miss the memo? When did it become OKAY [...]

Cleaning Out the Friendship Drawer

When I was little if there was stagnant energy in the house my mother used to say: Go Clean out your sock drawer... Being alone during Christmas is a time for me to think deeply about what [...]


[Card Reading Magic: ACTION REQUIRED] Find YOUR Purpose in Cards

Last year, I decided to throw my hat in the telesummit game.  Truthfully, I was in the MIDDLE of my move cross country. My home had just sold, I had rented a temporary apartment in Asheville, NC [...]


Stop Trying to FIX me! It’s Annoying!

Have you ever felt that someone is not hearing you? That someone is trying to “empower” you with their wisdom? I recently listened back to a coaching session that one of clients taped with her [...]

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