Discover How Your Brain Uses Stress and Anxiety to Shut Down Your Intuition, Force you into quick fixes, and STOP the Intuitive Answers you Crave

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OKAY, you got me… I’m offering a new Course!!

Here’s the video I just did about the 3 Secrets to Intuitive confidence

In this free video, the 3 Solutions to Personal Mastery… you’ll hear me share:

  • How stress and anxiety are designed by your brain to protect you from failure
  • Ways to recognize when your brain shuts down your intuition
  • Why a quick fix feels empty
  • What it will take to create life-changing inspired readings for yourself and others… and…
  • My thoughts on how YOU can get started on developing Your Own Intuitive Style through card reading (and why you haven’t until now).

I’m FINALLY offering my NEW 21 Module FUN, fast-paced, intuitive AND interactive CHAKRA WISDOM ORACLE CARD – INTERPRETER Level One Certification which is:

  • Completely online
  • Virtual Video lessons with me
  • Easily learned with multiple choice QUIZ questions
  • Downloadable Fun books to take notes AND…
  • A PERSONAL 5 QUESTION INTENTION SETTING FORM – to chart your progress to your goals during the training.

PLUS – A Private Facebook group to interact, ask ME and your classmates questions – AND get practice partners to catapult your reading skills beyond a hobby… to a professional level.


UPON Completion:

A Level One – Interpreter Certificate to use on your site if you choose.

Okay, I know…how thorough is the training?

Susan, took the live version AND now the online one, and here’s what she had to say:

“Oh my gosh!! I am getting so much more out of this interactive online course…I really am quite surprised. I would go into this trance state during the calls with Tori and sometimes I wouldn’t be conscious of any of the material! I would do OK for the exercises…but would have to listen to the recording to pick up the teaching.

Having the textbook and reading…plus the teaching…layered with the activities and the comprehension quiz…it hits so many different learning styles and kind of keeps my brain busy while my intuition is taking everything in.

I have taken a LOT of classes…and a LOT of high dollar classes and this one is rock solid. It is meaty, deep material…. Tori ‘s teaching segments lightens things up…then takes it deep…then lightens it up again…(she is so GOOD at that!)”

What would it be worth to you to see your friends and family benefit from your new wisdom?

The simple techniques YOU will master are going to give you:

  • The ability to tie in all the missing elements and finally feel that your readings are complete
  • The confidence to know what the cards are communicating.
  • The tools to make card reading magical and fun
  • The ability to help your family and friends find their own solutions through YOUR new skills to really see the hidden messages in the Chakra Wisdom Cards.
  • A Certification in Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card – INTERPRETATION!!

By now, you know that I am ALL about results. If you don’t walk away from a class or seminar with me experiencing a breakthrough, then I don’t feel I’ve done my job.

The retail price of this course taught live by me was $1997.

The price of this new self-study course is $997. During the introductory launch, I am offering it at 80% off!

The Introductory Price is $197 for the first 100 people or UNTIL October 5, 2017 whichever comes first.

No need to rub your eyes. Buy now, you know if this is for you. Go inside. You have the answer.


This IS the first level of a Professional Facilitator Training, and open to everyone, however you will need to have your own textbooks:

  • Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards
  • Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit: the 52 Week Journey with the Lost Fables
  • The NEW BOOK: How to Read the Cards for YOURself and OTHERS.

Why do I suggest YOU buy them rather than providing them? Truth? YOU can get a better price than I can! That’s right! I would have to charge you nearly twice as much as the cover price, while you can order them for far less… and probably get them faster. (Don’t worry, once you register, we’ll send out links to get your books if you don’t already have them!)

So, sit in your jammies, sip coffee or tea and get ready to ignite your intuition and finally know the difference it makes to read cards confidently and professionally.

Every person who has ever studied with me is in my heart. I look forward to welcoming you too…

With Love,




PS – The introductory pricing will end on October 5, 2017 or when 100 spots are filled whichever happens first. Just know, if you’ve wanted to expand your abilities to read cards, this interactive, online journey is for you! And remember, you can progress at your own pace. There is no rush – HOWever, this INTRODUCTORY price will not last. Grab the course now at 80% off, and start when YOU want to!!

Act fast, only the first 100 people will receive this discount.

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