What if the idea of Changing Beliefs is what Keeps Us Stuck?

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I must admit that when people tell me that they are working on changing, or wanting to change a belief, I wonder why.

Some of you know the story, yet it bears repeating. Years ago, I was at a party and an actor who would later become famous heard what I did and approached me.

Do you really believe this crap you do?

I looked at him questioningly and these words rolled out without thought.

No. I don’t.  I know it.

I didn’t realize the significance of what I said. In that moment I had created my understanding of belief versus knowing. We create knowing from an internal energy.

A belief is a creation of your brain, and in and of itself must be against something else. Knowing is your intuitive self.

In other words, a belief is built on quicksand. It is built on the idea that you are fighting against something. Therefore, you are trying to eradicate something from your life.

I liken it to the image of trying to scrub a stain out of a rug and it gets larger and larger. That is what it is like when we attempt to change a belief. It really is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Beliefs are losing propositions because we have to create one to get rid of another.

The state of knowing is our intuitive power. We have skipped the middleman – the need to fight anything and everything – which in and of itself is a huge energy drain, and may be why we waste so much time in defense of things.

When we “know” something, there is a certainty in our body. Our physical body sends us this message through our intuition.

This is an entirely new way of being for many people.

Most good coaches and intuitives do this, even if they’re not aware of it in the moment.

People who only look at the definition of a card are giving advice and working from their beliefs. Working only from beliefs neglects the knowledge of intuition, and this is why beliefs are always limited.

In essence, there is no such thing as an empowering belief. There are empowering thoughts, ideas and concepts. But KNOWING in and of itself is the most powerful state you can be in. There is nothing to build on or from. There is no against.

Here’s the idea: If someone’s child got stuck under a car, they would not stand there and believe they could help… every inch of their being would know that they MUST save their child. The miracle of people lifting cars when their child is trapped is real, not legend!

Let’s do an energetic exercise:

Right now. I want you to believe that you will have _______________. Fill in the blank…more money, a new car, a great job, new love. Open yourself up and be aware of how you feel. Breathe… and let that go.

Now, I’d like you to step into the energy of knowing. Remember the parent who lifted the car when their child was trapped under it? Breathe, step into the knowing of having ____________. Again fill in the blank.

Hold that vision for at least 17 seconds. Practice this knowing several times a day and you WILL soon see what you know to be true appearing in your life.

With Love,

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