Everyone in Your Life Led You to this Moment

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One of the things I learned early on in my career is to write something that will change your life. I know people say to write what you know, but on the road to putting down on paper what we know, who we are transforms.

There is a myth that people stay static. Or that our experience of someone is the same as how others perceive them.

They don’t and it isn’t.

Over the course of our lives, we may know the same person yet those who meet them over the course of their lives meet someone very different. For me, my mother was a mean drunk who sat me down and dictated my school papers, since (she informed me) I had no command of the language. She died when I was 15, and I failed English in high school.

When I was in my 20’s my father remarked (after my first book was published) that my mother would be proud. Shocked, I laughed and asked if he was kidding..?

She would fly into a drunken rage over it!

My father at once turned melancholy and validated my reality.

Ah, you’re right. I wish you knew the woman I knew, before the booze.

My father never invalidated my experience of my mother, and in so doing, I came to understand that the person I knew had been overcome by a disease that mangles the soul and a person’s very being.

I was, I sense, destined to be a writer because of it.

My mother’s descent into a sea of incomprehensible madness as she screamed internally and her attempts at silencing me only made me more deliberate in my dedication to creating an understanding of who we are, and an ability to honor those who can never know or be who they truly are.

For those of you familiar with the Release Card in the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, the idea is captured in the fable of Shadow Grey Storm (the full fable is in the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit – the 52 week journey of the lost fables). The Shadow in the fable represents our shadow self. It is the aspect of us that is buried and as it tries to stay vital, it never forgets those who have wronged us.

In the fable, the character of Nikita is lamenting about her abusive mother. Yet we the readers see that her mother is no longer that person. Nikita is angry at someone who no longer exists.

In working on Reading the Cards for Yourself and Others, my intention was to illustrate how these skills are inside of us, and we get stuck by the meaning we have made of our past and then use our brain to give others advice.

There are some key ideas in this book:

  • There are different aspects to each card, and differing aspects for each chakra. Similar to people, these aspects will give us a view of the card that may not be readily available in our current frame of reference.
  • The difference between your brain and intuition, and how to read from your intuition
  • Techniques I developed to get you back on track when you feel stuck in a reading…
  • AND.. YES! Reversed cards…

I share card reading techniques you won’t find anywhere else.

And in writing this book, it made clear that everything in my life led me to this point, to be with you right now. Life turned into seconds as I navigated how I do what I do. So it’s more than defining a card, this book is about defining YOU!

Can any of us outline each intuitive moment in the mind of Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger, III who safely landed the U.S. Airlines Flight on the Hudson River?

“Sully” Sullenberger, had an inner guide, and it’s safe to say that he knew more than what he was taught in class or in a book.

He knew more than he knew.

Who are you when you’re in the cockpit guiding your life? Perhaps we will never be a Sully. However, we can live our lives in service to excellence in all ways.

In some ways, the woman who became unrecognizable to my father was the woman who trained me to make sure YOU are recognizable to you. That has been the journey of How to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others.

With Love,



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  • Debi SAYLOR

    Your brief story is very inspirational and just what I needed today. I am really happy I took the time to read your email. Thank you very much! God and guides bless you always!

  • Maudie Lattimer

    You never cease to amaze; in so many ways! I am blessed to have been led to you so many years ago. And the timing of your wisdom is impeccable. Thank you for “being there”.

  • Aiyana Stern

    Beautiful to hear your honesty, and that you are owning all of
    your life and appreciating all of it. I look forward to experiencing
    more of your work.

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