Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Origins

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Origins of the Cards is designed to give you some of Tori’s off the cuff insight into the background of each Card. In some cases, Tori talks about how the cards came to be, and in other moments she goes into deeper information about the fable itself. This introduction gives you some background into all seven Chakra sections of the cards. You will:

  • Gain personal insight into each card and how it came to be
  • Come to know the cards in a deeper way to identify areas for your own multi-generational healing
  • Develop your intuitive card reading skills
  • Discover some of the hidden messages in the card

2 reviews for Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Origins

  1. MH

    This one is for you if the toolkit book feels a bit “vague” sometimes. The audio files feel much “tangible.” They explore the cards with deeper insights and lots of reading episodes, and you can feel the energy, nuance, and intention of Tori directly because they come as audio files.

  2. Jordan Woods

    These are absolutely fabulous recordings and an amazing look at the cards and the there origin stories. I feel this is invaluable to a card reader and really helps you to connect with the cards. Theres a ton of information here you are not going to find anyway where else! I love listening to every minute of the recordings (even over and over again).

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