Meditation by Intention – Angels

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These meditations are inspired by the angelic realm. Connect to the angels and get answers to your questions. The meditations focus your energy in a 4 to 7 minute space so completely that it is all you need to set your energy moving in the correct direction. We will be adding meditations weekly, so check back with us. And, as always, if you don’t see it here send us an email with a request and we will create one for you.

  1. Tap Into Your Intuition, Find Your Answer
  2. Be the Observer
  3. The Allure of Identity
  4. The Power of Source
  5. Meet Your Ancestors
  6. Connecting with Your Ancestors
  7. Finding a Place of Belonging
  8. Free Yourself From Hidden Agreements
  9. The Magic of the Unknown
  10. Message From Your Angels
  11. Hidden Agreements

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11 MP3 Audios

Tap Into Your Intuition, Find Your Answer

This is a wonderful meditation to do when you feel like you need an answer that only Spirit can bring. Any answer you seek is inside, allow yourself the time to go inside and hear it. So let’s focus on what you already know to be true, and connect with your own brilliance.

Running Time: 7:14

The Allure of Identity

Calming, Soothing, Wealth

Are you internally or externally focused? Allowing yourself the awareness of what is external and affecting you internally can help you regain your own power.

You are not identified by external events. Find yourself again, and find peace.

Running Time: 5:26

The Magic of the Unknown

All creation begins with a journey into the unknown. In order to truly live our purpose, it’s important to play in the unknown space of our personal energy. Once you tap into the wealth of the unknown and experience it, it’s like having brand new fertile soil in which to plant your seeds. The unknown is our only true creative space, and in it anything is possible.
Running Time: 7:39

Be the Observer

The Neutral Observer within offers a powerful way to resolve challenges in your life by allowing you to find your answer from a place of complete neutrality.

In this simple technique, you will learn how to step back and begin the practice of the observer.

Running Time: 6:33

The Power of Source

You will shift into a state of motivation and turn this new energy into an energetic result.

You will learn how to energetically create tangible results.

Running Time: 6:59

Message From Your Angels

In order to open yourself to receive messages from Spirit, you must be open to receive in your life. If there is a part of you that resists receiving, this meditation will work on stimulating your chakra and opening you to receive messages in the many forms they appear. It will appear during this meditation and you will be able to see where your healing work lies.

Running Time: 6:34

Meet Your Ancestors

Tori uses the Color Wisdom Cards to discover people’s hidden Spiritual agreements with their ancestors in readings. In this month’s mediation you will connect you with your angels and guides and discover your repetitive patterns and hidden agreements. This journey is one in which you will begin to understand the deep connection with your ancestors. An excellent introduction to this work.

Running Time: 5:33

Connecting with your Ancestors

In this simple meditation, I briefly explain my concept of hidden agreements with our ancestors. This is a simple meditation to connect with them.


Running Time: 8:19

Hidden Agreements

In this brief meditation, connect with the relatives who have crossed over who are still important in your life and with these Angels become aware of the spiritual agreements you’ve made with them. Prepare to connect with these loving beings!

Running Time: 4:46

Finding a Place of Belonging

When we feel lonely or left out, we must open our heart and allow ourselves to be in the emptiness of possibility. This meditation puts you in a place energetically to accept and be accepted by your “family of the heart.”

Running Time: 4:58

Free Yourself From Hidden Agreements

One of the most important parts of my work in Multi-Generational Healing is meeting the aspect that holds us back. From this meeting you will begin to discover hidden agreements you have created with others. In order to do this work, it is vital we make Peace with Ourselves. All parts.

Running Time: 5:34


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