Meditation by Intention – Health

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These meditations are created to help you experience health and happiness. Step into the frequency of health and feel grounded in your body. These meditations focus your energy in a 5 minute space so that your energy starts moving in the correct direction.
  1. Owning Your Greatness
  2. Get Out and Walk
  3. Choose to Be Powerful
  4. Gratitude to Our Teachers
  5. Change Your Weight
  6. Change Your Perception, Change Your Life
  7. Stepping into the Frequency of Health
  8. The State of Thin
  9. Be Inspired

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Owning Your Greatness

So many times people say, I need to let go of that painful memory or experience. What if you didn’t have to? What if that painful experience is a large part of who you are? What if your Greatest Pain could be the very thing that catapults you into greatness? Can you use this energy to magnetize your deepest desire? Yes, you can! You can heal AND own who you are.

Running Time: 6:10

Gratitude to our Teachers

In this meditation, I’m shifting gears and creating a brief gratitude meditation that we will send out to all those who blessed us and had a powerful impact on our lives. This is actually not a meditation about getting what we want, but instead giving what we can, love, gratitude, as well as appreciation, to those who’ve been there for us to this point. I’m referring to all the teachers in our lives, whether they be schoolteachers or perhaps an article we read on the Internet. It’s those who somehow led us to the next level, and what they shared changed who we are. Maybe they’re no longer in our life or they never really were, but they
touched us and in this moment we are going to work on sending out some energy to them and thanking them.

Running Time: 4:46

Stepping Into the Frequency of Health

I created this meditation to create a new energetic state of a happy, energetic life experience. Health is the physical manifestation of our own inner unhappiness. In general the energetic denial of our truth, and repressed anger are the elements that create the perfect storm.

Running Time: 6:00

Get Out and Walk

I have created a WALKING meditation because to experience PEACE you must experience POWER. Get on your sneakers! Are you ready?


Running Time: 10:45

Change Your Weight

My assistant, Ashley eats all kinds of crazy sugary treats, but manages to stay slim. Then I realized that I’d begun losing weigh even though I’m eating like her. I realized that my intention has been mirroring hers so that I was happily eating what I enjoy. And not just sweets, but foods that make me happy. When my intention changed, my weight began to normalize. Change the way you think about food and eat foods that make you think thin.

Running Time: 7:28

The State of Thin

Why do some people create a new, satisfying relationship with themselves, and others don’t?

How can you do that one thing?

That one thing that will make all the difference between ultimate fulfillment, and ultimate disappointment.

In this meditation, you will step into the mindset necessary to be in the thin of you. In this simple five minute meditation, you will discover the part of you necessary to call forth to step into the state of thin.


Find your determined self, and live thin.

Running Time: 4:46

Choose to Be Powerful

When you shift how you hold and direct your power your life experience will shift.

Imagine your energy field expanding. The universe is expanding around you, see your power in the vast space as a light. Your power is the tool you are given to work with Spirit. It is your presence. The source of all happiness is choice. Choose to walk into your own power.

Running Time: 3:33

Change Your Perception, Change Your Life

You will change your life when you experience the energetic shift of perception. This is a powerful tool to learn, as this is what makes manifesting possible. Practice this meditation as an energetic practice to activate the Law of Attraction.

Running Time: 5:59

Be Inspired

This is a waking meditation/contemplation to support you in renewing yourself daily. In fact, as we go through this meditation, you don’t even need to sit quietly. This is contemplation for your day. There are many concepts here. Take one and embrace it. Just allow the thoughts to become part of your daily inspiration. These are ways of being that will draw you to your highest good.

Running Time: 3:24


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