Meditation by Intention – Prosperity

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These meditations are created to help you set your intentions and increase your prosperity. They will magnetize luck to you! They focus your energy in 3-6 minutes. It is all you need to set your energy moving in the correct direction.

  1. A Morning Intention Meditation
  2. Bedtime Intention Meditation
  3. Opening Yourself to Luck
  4. Inspire Prosperity Meditation
  5. Money Magnet
  6. Opening Yourself to Referrals and Bounty


6 MP3 Audios

A Morning Intention Meditation

A daytime intention is a powerful way to put yourself into a state of purpose. This can be done driving to work, or making breakfast as it is a waking contemplation. It’s a wonderful way to set up energy and pave the way for the day ahead. We recommend you use this meditation as a companion piece with the Bedtime Intention Meditation to receive the fullest benefits.

Running Time: 2:19

Bedtime Intention Meditation

Doing a bedtime intention ritual puts you in a state of higher consciousness to communicate with Spirit and prepare for sleep. This is a great way to solidify and connect your intention with the Angels as you rest. We recommend you use this meditation as a companion piece with the Morning Intention Meditation to receive the fullest benefits.

Running Time: 3:29

Inspire Prosperity Meditation

The purpose of this recording is to create a daily ritual of enhanced prosperity. This short, five-minute ritual is easy to do. You can be washing the dishes, walking the dog or folding laundry! Every time you listen, you more deeply emerge your intention to attract prosperity.

Running Time: 4:51

Money Magnet

If your income is insufficient for the lifestyle you are creating, this meditation is for you. In this process, we will expand who you are. This will attract the financial support needed to create and live the life you choose. Money is always available to support your life. This will show you how to step into creating big finances to live a bigger life.

Running Time: 3:13

Opening Yourself to Luck

In order to attract luck you have to be willing to receive it. There is a delicate balance between expecting it, and inviting it into your world. When we open ourselves to luck, we are saying yes to serendipity. In this meditation we will explore the state you need to be in to attract Luck and experience it in your life.

Running Time: 4:54

Opening Yourself to Referrals and Bounty

The dictionary defines bounty as abundance and generosity. As we open ourselves to the concept of giving and receiving with unlimited generosity we are inviting in the reciprocity of the universe.

Running Time: 6:01


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