Denzel Washington just blew my mind!

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“Branding for an actor is being good – not being known.”

~ Denzel Washington



This was supposed to be an invitation to my Card Reading Magic Telesummit, and then I heard Denzel say those words in an interview.

And it went to the core of this work.

Quite frankly, it was more important than what I was going to say here.

It was an intuitive “yes”.

And a place of something emerging.

I deeply identified with this quote, and here’s why…



We are living in a time of stardom for no reason. This brings into the conscious mind that there is an entire generation that has no idea what Denzel Washington is really saying in his use of the word GOOD.

It isn’t fame, or practice, or any external reward… it is something that makes you want to do that thing over and over.

It’s the first high.

If we compare it to addiction, the first time you drank too much, ate too much, or spent too much, it might not have had a good outcome.

Regret. Questioning motives.

Yet later, there is an inexplicable draw back to that thing. Even though the outcome was NOT good.

Soon, for the addict, they will do anything to get that experience. That high. Because is is known. Familiar and fun. For a time.

Addiction sets in when we ignore our inner voice, or more importantly, we never find or listen to it, as it resides in a place that we don’t go.

Then it turns dark.

It can become a place of unspeakable loss, yet the addict keeps going…

Until they die or stop.


The Trap is:

People want their voice to be heard more than they want to hear it themselves.

Denzel Washington is listening to his good.

His inner good – the excitement of starting out, the times where faith kept him on track, and the ability to dive into the unknown.

Being good means more than talent – it is the high we get from serving our purpose.

It is when your voice emerges from within.

When that voice is honored by the most important person in the world (you), when you need not criticize or harm anyone else with it, that is good.

It is just past loss, beyond addiction, into darkness and directly into the unknown.

Your voice lives in the UNknown.

Because, how can your voice be Known before you discover it?



This is why I offer my Card Reading Magic Tele-summit – because the journey to finding YOUR voice – that is where being good lives.

Click below to start your registration!

Come join me… and discover your inner voice.

With Love,




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