Narrowing the Focus – My Store will Close July 1, 2018!

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To move toward my intention of only working with people who are focused and committed to training and evolving with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle teachings,  I am announcing 3 things:

My Store

  1. My store will close to anyone who has not completed Level One Chakra Wisdom Card Interpreter Certification OR Level One Life.Purpose.Divination. This happens on July 1, 2018!!
  2. I will only offer a limited, focused line of Professional Trainings.
  3. The cost will fit the required commitment and focus that those who seek out this work deserve.

You see, this is not a punishment … this is up-leveling your work.

This is my encouragement to go from a casual participant to a Professional Trainer.


My Spiritual Club

The club will only be available to those who have completed Level One Chakra Wisdom Card Interpreter Certification OR Level One Life.Purpose.Divination.  Some of the packages will include the first 6 months to a year of membership. This will encourage community and ongoing study with like-minded individuals.

  • It will open twice yearly. January and July (this year it may open September/October instead of July.) Watch for announcements!


I sincerely hope you have enjoyed my blogs, and they have offered you insight into my new path. I would love to see you on the road, and guide you on your path if it calls to you.


With Love,




P.S.  By now you know the value of stepping into YOUR own reality. If you have NOT yet registered for Level One Chakra Wisdom Card Interpreter Certification or Level One Life.Purpose.Divination. – I encourage you to do so now!


Register NOW for Life. Purpose. Divination. 


Register HERE for Level One Chakra Wisdom Card Interpreter Certification.


P.P.S. Here are a few thoughts that came to me. Go ahead and pull cards as you apply the YES/NO PDF answers you got in the prior email. If you can’t find it, here it is again.


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