Did You Notice That The Year Really Ends In November?

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December has the delightful pressure of Christmas and a New Year as we all rush to an imaginary finish line; yet the year actually concludes in November as the slow down is upon us.

By the end of November, we have given up the push. In a way, it’s like the school teacher who calls out: PENCILS DOWN when a timed test is over.

Our brain begins to drift and dreaming replaces the pursuit of dreams. Almost robotically, we begin to put away the goals, intentions and resolutions from last New Year’s resolutions, and focus on relaxing, celebrating and enjoying time with friends and family. We wind down, watch Hallmark movies and live the dream or enjoy dreaming.

December has its own race to joy, nostalgia and memories, old and new.

The focus becomes creating that perfect holiday. That perfect memory or joy filled moment that we put off the rest of the year in pursuit of goals, intentions and resolutions.

Where we are, what we have accomplished, and yes, what we chose at the beginning of the year, has either been achieved or postponed.

For some, visiting family can be a simmering reminder of our self-criticism we learned there.

What is the solution?

  • Consciousness. Be aware around what you are doing and choosing.
  • Celebrate putting that pencil down. It’s over. Breathe.
  • Allow yourself to feel incomplete if you do. What if you let it go?

Take the time now to allow yourself the deliciousness of disappointment for what did (or did not) get done and declare it complete.

Unfinished can be its own kind of completion. It can reveal what may not be as important as you say, or it may be related to a hidden agreement with an ancestor.

Remember the movie Groundhog’s Day?

It wasn’t until the Bill Murray character learned the energetic skill of being completely present and enjoying the moment that his repetitive pattern ended.

In essence: he stopped trying to get love and began being love.

In YOUR world, what are the things you can allow the season to reveal to you? What is your “Groundhog” moment?

Tell me your thoughts! I love to hear from you and yes, I do reply there!

Love to you this season and beyond,





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  • joie

    I’m so glad you’re writing these again. Have you been all along and I just missed them? Your insights are so very helpful.
    THANKS!!! : )

    • Tori Hartman

      Hi Joie!
      Thank you! No, I’ve not been writing blogs. I had TWO books due out this past year and it was VERY busy. And I’m winding down from a hard year… my Frank died, my older dog, and this week has been like a dark comedy! So great to see you pop up here – sending love to you. xo Tori

  • Mike

    My Toolkit arrived today, so plenty of reading in the slowdown to Xmas.

    For me, what I was taught and the rituals and explanations of the world were a lie and I am now open for a new reality.

  • Janet

    Hi Tori, Thank you for your amazing posts. I love the reference to “being”…… the love or what ever you want to fill in the blank with. Being in Neutral Observer always makes a profound difference of sensing the moments and being rewarded simply by the consciousness of being. Blessings, Janet

    • Tori Hartman

      Janet –
      As always, very insightful. xo Tori

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