We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

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Before my dog Franklin died, I had started house hunting. It’s not that I didn’t like my new house, it’s that I decided I wasn’t comfortable in it.

My neighbor is a realtor and began showing me around. Honestly, nothing came close to what I wanted… each viewing came with me saying… “well… I could do this…”

All the while I wondered WHY I was uncomfortable.

Then my own saying echoed back to me – Knowing Why is the Booby Prize. Who cares why?

So I asked myself new questions:

  1. What is it I’m not getting here that I think I can elsewhere?
  2. What are my priorities?
  3. What do I don’t know, that I don’t know?

The final question could only be answered through answering the first two.

The reality is that I hated my kitchen.And it was the country craftsman style – brown with glass backsplash… no island just floor space.

What I wasn’t getting was a sense of community. A feeling that I could have people over, stand around the island and then sit in a cozy banquette/dining area.

One of the most vital aspects of my life is that I deeply crave community. Not having had a family and feeling cut off and left out, I always want others to feel included.

Next, my priority?

Having the kitchen mattered, but more importantly finding nooks in my home I could retreat into and write. I was felt awkward. The world saw a beautiful home, but it hadn’t become mine. I wanted a place that I created. A place I could write, live and entertain. I had the live part.

The final question asked is the one many of us struggle with:

What do I don’t know, that I don’t know?

The truth is that I’d never learned to organize. Anything. My kitchen, closet, writing. Anything. I’ve driven many people who worked with me crazy by constantly changing mid-stream.

So there were two things happening here:

  • My nature to think creatively does not come organized
  • There were things I simply never learned to do

Opening up my life to the idea that I could change my kitchen and make my home as I wanted it shocked me. I’d always lived with the idea of things in your home fall where they land.

What I didn’t know – that I didn’t know – is that I simply never learned to organize and keep a home tidy.

This was going to be necessary for my to live clutter free.

This was spurned on through my having a deadline of two book projects this year. I had to be organized, and learned this skill with my writing.

Only through recognizing what I needed to learn was I able to recognize what else I didn’t know.

What is my point?

It can be embarrassing to admit we don’t know how to do something… or we were absent the day a particular skill set was handed out.

It took alot for me to recognize that I needed a kitchen organizer to help me understand how a kitchen functions. Now while that may be second nature to some people, most people, for me, while I did cook, I never focused on the tools needed.

I’ve had friends chide me – what? That’s silly. I can’t function without an organized kitchen.

I never knew what that would be like. I simply didn’t know how to do it. I am learning. It’s funny.

Now go learn how to organize your kitchen. Be spiritual.

For you, what is it that you don’t know you don’t know?

Hint: Look to a part of your life that brings up discomfort or avoidance.

See you soon!

With love,

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