[Blog 3 of 4] What do YOU Really Want? Get an Answer in the Cards

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There is an old saying from Alcoholics Anonymous that goes:

“If one more person helped me I’d be dead now.”

Translation:   “Don’t do for me what I should and can do myself.”


When someone tries too hard to help or advise us, it can take the incentive out of our desire!


Desire Does Not Indicate Ability

Has anyone ever tried to show you how to do something by doing it for you? I don’t know about you but I have never learned that way. I have to do it myself to get a physical memory.

And for some of us, it is a truth, that our intuitive ability or our creative gifts are real, and because they are so unique to us, we mistakenly get the idea that our desire to do something comes with the skills to do it!

And yet, the large piece missing is the commitment and training.

Writing a book was never my first desire. It was actually a painful need to be heard.  In order to be heard, I had to learn a skill.

And I was really bad at it. For a long time.  

But what makes great heroes?  Remember the movie An Officer and a Gentleman?  In the movie, he fails, cries and digs in. He refuses to leave. Refuses to quit. No matter what it takes.


Never mistake a raw skill for a training to hone your gifts.


Many people create a truth around the false idea that their gift comes with instructions. And when they can’t grasp what they know is meant for them… they get discouraged and walk away.

What has happened is they are simply not ready yet.

Could that be YOU?

Do you:

  • allow busy work to be the thing.
  • Or use money as a weapon against yourself.
  • Or convince yourself you’ll do what you love once you do this one thing first.

I had to do one thing that made all the difference. One thing that changed everything.

And that one thing may surprise you.

It was an investment in the idea that my gifts, when opened, had to be assembled before I used them.


Now, in this moment; grab that pen.


Answer these questions:

  • What do I truly desire?
    • flat out say it. Whatever it is.
  • Are there tools I need for this study?
    • What would they be? Books, classes, techniques. What else?


  • Does this require study?
    • Am I mistakenly thinking that one class will hone my skills?  Do I think that if it was meant to be, it would be easy?




  • What kind of focus, money or time am I willing to commit to?
    • Do I value myself enough to invest in my desire? What do I really think it will take to do what I desire?
  • If your child had this same desire, what would YOU do to support them in developing the necessary professional skills to create this?
    • How far will you go for others? Will you do the same for yourself?
  • Can you sit with or be with the uncomfortable feelings required to create breakthroughs?
    • Did anyone ever let you work through frustration and wait for you at the other end, knowing you could do it? Do you quit?
  • If education is seen as valuable, then would education in your evolution be valuable?
    • Who have you been unable to help?



Take time to answer these questions. Then, go pull a Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card for each question.

In the next set, I’m going to tell you how to look at the Chakra of the card for your answer.  Click HERE if you want to see it now.

With Love,

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