What if the idea of Changing Beliefs is what Keeps Us Stuck?

I must admit that when people tell me that they are working on changing, or wanting to change a belief, I wonder why. Some of you know the story, yet it bears repeating. Years ago, I was at a [...]


Remaining Calm in the Midst of Change

In the past few weeks, I have been thrown into the midst of incredible change: I bought a new house My car died and I had to get a new car And my phone said goodbye and I’ve had to learn a [...]


Why Does Money Dissipate When we Manifest it?

When I had my spiritual club, the number one question I would get from people was: How can I create more abundance? And the statement I hear most often from clients about getting something they [...]


Money and Cars

  In 2002, my father died. I had driven our co-owned Honda Accord for 14 years and prior to his death, he told me that I would be needing a new car soon and asked me what I would get. A [...]


Waiting for the Wave

Being psychic can be a strange experience. One night when I lived in Los Angeles I was out with a few friends at a local bar. We were chatting and out of nowhere I turned to the bartender and [...]


Is there really a secret to learning the Chakra Wisdom Cards?

Yes. As usual, I could stop there. BUT, card reading IS MAGICAL. That’s why I love it. Truly it is the moment of lift-off. That connection with Spirit. The feeling like the Angels are holding [...]