The Missing Ingredient in Manifesting Meditations

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Years ago I had a client who made me laugh when she said, “Listen, I need to create some amazing s**t and I need to do it fast. Show me what to do and forget the hour of OMing or that half hour of meditation.  I’ve got Attention Deficit Disorder and I can’t sit still. I don’t think it needs to take that long.”

Now, the average person’s eyebrow goes up on this – I know.  But I knew what she was asking. She wanted to connect. She wanted to create.

I completely understood my client. And she was right…

Have you ever started to meditate and four minutes in the phone rings? Or the cloud you’re supposed to imagine suddenly reminds you that a bill is due. Or your mind wanders like a small child lost in a toy store?

You start wondering, do the first five minutes of meditation even count anyway? Yes, they do count, and five minutes is all you need.

With this in mind, I created a few 3 –5 minute meditations for my client to help her change her energetic state and stepping into an intuitive zone where she could tap into her manifesting energy. My team wanted me to sell them, but there was one problem:

None of my meditations work unless you expand your capacity to receive…

I had created short waking contemplations designed to be listened to while getting ready for work, or going to work for my client.  They offer a series of questions, designed to simply assist her in expanding your capacity.

What is capacity?
It’s what one is capable of holding. A bucket and a measuring cup are both containers, but they hold different amounts.  If you have decided you are a cup, then if you ask for a quart, you do not have the capacity to hold more.

It won’t work if you want more than a cup but only have a cup. You must expand the bucket to take in more.  

So, here’s how this works: Expand your capacity, set an intention to attract what you desire, then practice a short intention meditation to magnetize them. This is what we did for my A.D.D. client. We worked on her capacity. She first needed to expand her capacity, next we worked with her intention and finally, I created short powerful meditations for her.  

Here are your steps:

  1. Determine what you desire.
  2. Work on expanding your capacity to receive.
  3. Be ready to catch – and receive. The universe abhors a vacuum. Allow the space for your desires to come in.
  4. Set a powerful intention.
  5. Do your short meditation daily. It’s just like a diet. Eat clean portions and you will lose weight. It will happen. Just stay on course.

Most importantly, you will know your capacity has been expanded if there is nothing but joy in your heart when you imagine your desire. If there’s any twinge… continue building your capacity.

The first waking meditation I did was Renewal. And the next waking contemplation was to Expand Your Capacity to Receive that’s amazing for all those seeking, as well as those who are in loving relationships.  

With Love,

PS Oh, I have a free meditation download on my website, so you can try it.

PPS This is a note I got from someone who did the recent Attract Money Through Your Chakra Meditation Collection

“Oh my God, Tori, it actually happened! After doing the money manifestation for two weeks I manifested $400 from a completely unexpected and fun source! It was so sudden and worked out in the best way to solve an issue I was having. I listened to and did the meditations every day (including the morning and bedtime intentions) and kept following my intuition, even though my mind was trying to intervene.I love the fact that you say “unexpected and fun sources,” because that’s how I want my life to be. I’m going to keep doing the meditation and expect new fun sources to come in! I also love your voice and how you explain everything. You don’t speak all airy-fairy, nor strict or stern. It’s a very matter of fact, honest, loving, nurturing, and transparent manner. I’m very grateful for all you do.”
– Daniel E.

And the collection is still on sale! You can get the collection at 50% off until Monday July 11th HERE.

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