[Blog 4 of 4] The Power of NO – How the Chakras Reveal Your Path [PDF DOWNLOAD]

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Remember this message I received?

“Please RETURN my money you took illegally (in the past 48 hours) stole from my bank account as I NEVER authorized this transaction!!!”

When in fact, she had authorized the transaction?


I recognized that I only wanted to invest in people who were wanting to invest in themselves


In every class I’ve taught, there were always a handful of people who want to know every detail of climbing up that ladder, and were willing to practice their mid-air flips. Those are the people I want to invest in.

It was time to take a leap.


I decided to only focus on those who craved mastery. I raised my prices and decided to truly invest in those who knew there was more out there for them and wouldn’t stop until they achieved it.

I received some insightful words from Jerry yesterday about the Level One Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Interpreter Certification…


This training unlocks what most people will sadly never know, that there is life changing and affirming information to be discovered in our chakras. The Interpreters Course provided me with a ring of keys to unlock many doors to the sacred halls of intuitive knowing. ~Jerry P.


This hit me.


You have their OWN wisdom. You have your own answers. My job is to offer you the tools to open that magical door…


Are you ready to unlock a door to the sacred hall..?


Let’s look now at how the 7 Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards you pulled for the questions in the prior email reveal your NO and YES.  Sign Up below to receive the FREE Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Interpretation Sheet for Yes/NO PDF.  It will open in a new window and you can save it for future reference.

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Tomorrow, I will officially announce what to expect from me, and what will be happening in the coming months and year.

I love you more than you’ll know.

With Love,




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