Meditation by Intention – Chakra

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All of our Chakra Meditations are designed to support a personal relationship with your Chakra centers. In these short meditations you will discover the creative power in each Chakra and shift your energy to open up your intuition. These meditations focus your energy in a 8 to 10 minute space so that your energy starts moving in the correct direction.

  1. Chakra Centering Meditation – Red
  2. Chakra Centering Meditation – Orange
  3. Chakra Centering Meditation – Yellow
  4. Chakra Centering Meditation – Green
  5. Chakra Centering Meditation – Blue
  6. Chakra Centering Meditation – Indigo
  7. Chakra Centering Meditation – Purple



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In order to tap into the vibration of a particular chakra, you must “center” into it. Clearing your chakra comes through identifying with them and vibrating with their energy. In this series of 10 minute meditations, Tori will take you through a unique experience with each centering. Every meditation is as unique as the chakra.

Unlike my other meditations which are at most 8 – 10 minutes each, this series is quite different. This isn’t a series of chakra clearing meditations, it is a series of meditations designed for you to energetically meet and connect with your chakra in a new way.

I developed these meditations to allow you to experience your individual chakra as an aspect of you that can support you in many ways: magnetizing, clearing issues and blocks, and feeling more peace in your life. These were not written down.

I went into the studio, energetically felt into the particular chakra I was focusing on, and allowed the Angels to take me on a meditation that would allow my listener to experience the chakra in a completely intuitive way.

These meditations will form the basis of a new relationship with your chakra.


Chakra Centering Meditation – Red

Meet the first Chakra.

Color Red.

Energy: root.

In this meditation you will meet your root chakra from the viewpoint of the angels.

Imagine stepping into a knowing.

A new way of meeting YOUR chakra.
What is your relationship with YOUR foundation?

Find out.

Play time: 10:30 minutes

Chakra Centering Meditation – Orange

Meet the Second Chakra

Color: Orange

Energy: Emotional

Here you will meet your emotional core.

This is the place that generates the feelings that guide you all day.

What is your relationship with your internal emotional place?

Experience yourself here.

Play time: 10:25 minutes

Chakra Centering Meditation – Yellow

Meet the Third Chakra

Color: Yellow

Energy: Decision Making

In the “gut” you will first sense something, think about it and then act on it.

Are you thinking things through?

Are you allowing your body to decide or your emotions?
Emotional discipline lives here.

Play time: 8:02 minutes

Chakra Centering Meditation – Green

Meet the Fourth Chakra

Color: Green

Energy: Love

Is your heart clear?
Is your heart in it?

Are you being truthful with your heart?

Meet your axis.
This is your place of balance.

Here in the fourth chakra, we connect our earthly self with our intuitive self above.

Meet your fourth chakra, and get to know your heart.

Play time: 10:08 minutes

Chakra Centering Meditation – Blue

Meet the Fifth Chakra

Color: Blue

Energy: Communication

Is your message clear?

In the throat, the place of speech, is placed the fifth Chakra.
This is the first place where we express ourselves.

This is the space of taking our message out of our heart and into practical use.

How are you expressing yourself?
Are you communicating yourself or your message?

Hint: if what you desire is here, then your communication is clear.

Here you will energetically experience this part of you.

Play time: 10:13 minutes

Chakra Centering Meditation – Indigo

Meet the Sixth Chakra

Color: Indigo

Energy: Intuitive

The Sixth chakra is in the region of the third eye.

Here, in this space we can see all we have been and all that will be.

Family of origin issues are here, and brought forward to show us what was once a challenge has now become a strength.

Get to know your Sixth Chakra and rediscover a part of yourself.

Play time: 9:23 minutes

Chakra Centering Meditation – Purple

Meet the Seventh Chakra

Color: Violet

Energy: The Universal Mind

The highest energy of creation.

The only Chakra Not located in our body, it is the place of universal connection.

This is last stop on the train, therefore called infinity.

When you step into infinity, you combine your earthly energy with the divine.

This is the place of true creative connection.

Play time: 8:15 minutes


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