Meditation by Intention – Transformation

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These meditations will transform your personal life. They will help you attract healthier relationships and release any negative energy that you may be holding. These meditations focus your energy in a 3-9 minute space so that your energy starts moving in the direction you intend.

  1. The State of Renewal
  2. Releasing Upset
  3. The Magic of the Unknown
  4. Releasing Toxic People
  5. Relationship Ending

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5 MP3 Audios

The State of Renewal

In this meditation we will renew our commitment to ourselves, the planet and those whom we love. Open to the universal connection to joy and join in on the renewal of yourself and the planet. Let’s join together, renew your spirit!

Running Time: 3:24

Releasing Upset

When we are in upset, it’s generally one of two things: fear of losing what we have or fear of not getting what we want. You will now find your inner calm. In this meditation you will be guided back to personal forgiveness, healing and inner calm. Find your balance again.

Running Time: 3:35

The Magic of the Unknown

All creation begins with a journey into the unknown. In order to truly live our purpose, it’s important to play in the unknown space of our personal energy. Once you tap into the wealth of the unknown and experience it, it’s like having brand new fertile soil in which to plant your seeds. The unknown is our only true creative space, and in it anything is possible.

Running Time: 7:39

Relationship Ending

The first thing to understand if you are in process of letting go of a relationship is: no one we love ever leaves us. The relationship simply changes form. In fact, all love changes form over time. And whether or not we are ready, at times, Spirit deals us a hand we are unprepared for. Remember that any and all loss will follow a natural process. In this meditation, we are going to remind you that you are not alone. And that your process is ok.

Running Time: 9:18

Release Toxic People

Had your fill of “crazies” addicted to drama? Let’s replace upset with Spirit and move on.

Running Time: 4:34


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