Meditation by Intention – Other

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These meditations do not fit in to a category. They are all powerful tools to help you. These meditations focus your energy in a 4 to 7 minute space so that your energy starts moving in the correct direction.

  1. Expansion of your Theme
  2. Finding Happiness
  3. Healing the “Panic”
  4. Leaving a Room With Dignity
  5. Magnetizing Voiceover Bookings
  6. Welcoming Change

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6 MP3 Audios

Expansion of your Theme

The energy of a theme in your life will wipe away things that have stopped you in the past. In this meditation you’ll pick (or work with a theme), and call on your guides to bring you a message with the Color Wisdom Cards. No need to have the deck, you can look up your message at What do you need to know to stay on course?

Running Time: 7:30

Finding Happiness

In this experiential meditation Tori will guide you on finding the space of happiness in your present reality. You will gather energy and find the happy memories that create beauty within. Find the joy and breathe in happiness now!

Running Time: 4:18

Healing the “Panic”

One of the most meditative states you can enter into is complete stillness. In this meditation we will enter into the state of stillness and meet our most silent self. A famous therapist once said that most of our problems can be resolved by spending five minutes alone with ourselves in a room.

Running Time: 6:04

Leaving the Room with Dignity

When I was younger it was important for me to step into a room and make an entrance and I did, sometimes alienating other people as I did it. Finding the right level of what’s acceptable or not in certain circumstances can be a challenge for some of us. Today my focus has changed because rather than trying to make an entrance, I just work on leaving a room with dignity. I like to be able to leave behind the space that I most recently occupied with peaceful, warm feelings for anyone who enters it. In this meditation, we’re going to open up this possibility for you and that’s the idea. If you’ve ever been in a room or in a house where you feel like there’s a spirit or entity, most of us are only aware of them when there’s something unsettled, but spirits and Angels are around us all the time. So when we ourselves leave a room, how are we leaving it is really important.

Running Time: 5:57

Magnetizing Voiceover Bookings

In this short magnetizing meditation, you will learn to activate and experience your magnetizing power. You will connect energetically with those who book Voiceover talent, and you will set an intention to increase your bookings. A powerful, yet simple meditation to begin your journey to mastering Voiceover.

Running Time: 6:03

Welcoming Change

One of the most important steps in manifesting anything in your life is being ready to welcome the changes that undoubtedly will come from gaining that which you deeply desire. In this meditation we will work with the idea of living into the change that is occurring in your life to prepare you to welcome your next experience.

Running Time: 4:20


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