Meditation by Intention – Career

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These meditations are designed to help you in your career. Focus you intentions and manifest the job of your dreams. These meditations focus your energy in a 4 to 6 minute space so that your energy starts moving in the correct direction.

  1. Your Revolution to Evolution
  2. The Luck of Receiving
  3. Job Transition
  4. Healing the “Panic”
  5. Freedom from Overwhelm
  6. Communication Magic
  7. Finding Happiness
  8. Attracting New Clients
  9. Expanding Your Circle of Influence

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9 MP3 Audios

Your Revolution to Evolution

ALL communication is either a plea for help or an offer of love. Therefore a revolution is a plea for help and evolution is stepping into the communication of love. Both are necessary. In this contemplation we are going to determine what’s going on with you and pinpoint where you are now. This meditation can be done while sitting quietly or even folding laundry.

Running Time: 6:10

Healing the “Panic”

One of the most meditative states you can enter into is complete stillness. In this meditation we will enter into the state of stillness and meet our most silent self. A famous therapist once said that most of our problems can be resolved by spending five minutes alone with ourselves in a room.

Running Time: 6:04

Finding Happiness

In this experiential meditation Tori will guide you on finding the space of happiness in your present reality. You will gather energy and find the happy memories that create beauty within. Find the joy and breathe in happiness now!

Running Time: 4:18

The Luck of Receiving

You are going to open your spirit to receive! Why are some people so lucky? Find out in this amazing meditation! This will allow you to be in the right place at the right time. This journey will take you within to travel to your core. Inside. You are about to be your own internal observer, and make changes instantly!

Running Time: 4:58

Freedom from Overwhelm

If you’re like me, you multi-task and there are times when you find yourself in a downward spiral of upset. I created this meditation to bring me back to myself, remember who I am and let go of resistance. In this short meditation, you will become centered and remember your divine self. A MUST for anyone who frequently finds themselves upset.

Running Time: 4:06

Attracting New Clients

The best form of advertising is the energetic kind. With a focused intention, we can attract and create new clients and more people to serve. In this short meditation, you will open up the life force energy to attract new clients to you. Without even knowing why, people will contact you to book your services. This is a powerful meditation that has worked in my business.

Running Time: 5:00

Job Transition

So often we forget that Spirit puts us where we are of service. To release a job and move on, we must first love it. When you resent your job, your life will get worse and worse in the tangle of resentment, until you are feeling you must take action. When you get into gratitude and love what you are doing, you will be freed to be open to the work you love. This meditation will allow you to release and feel free – to see and accept the next chapter in your life.

Running Time: 4:57

Communication Magic

What does your energy communicate? What is YOUR message to the universe? Are you receiving positive results in your career? If not, then bring into your awareness the power to harness the magic of communicating the message that will bring the outcome you desire. Invite light from the heavens to fill you with the connection of truth and pure communication. And get ready!

Running Time: 4:58

Expanding Your Circle of Influence

There are seven levels of magnetizing influencers in your life. This meditation enables you to find your core and increase the amount of people in your life necessary to expand the reach of your professional influence and increase business.

Running Time: 6:53


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