Meditation by Intention – Creativity

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These meditations are designed to help you boost your creativity. Find that magic spark in you that will ignite and create the life of your dreams. These meditations focus your energy in a 3 to 7 minute space so completely that it is all you need to set your energy moving in the correct direction.

  1. Your Imagination and Creation
  2. Magnetizing Meditation
  3. The Energy of Creativity
  4. Live Your Brilliant Gift!
  5. Magnetize Your Desires
  6. Open the Pathway to Success
  7. Receive Your Dream Now!
  8. The Magic of Intuition
  9. The Power of Completion
  10. The State of Mastery
  11. Transform Anger to Power


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Your Imagination and Creation

In your imagination lies the part of you that can create whatever you envision. First, you have to explore what you have always imagines for your life – and take the first step to creating it.

Running Time: 7:29

Live Your Brilliant Gift

When we do what we are good at, because we are good at it, that may not be what truly feeds our soul. Here, you will experience your authentic genius, and discover that place within where you are able to have the career that taps into your chosen gift.

Running Time: 5:04

Magnetize Your Desires

In order to step into the state in which you create you’re your deepest wish, you must vibrate at the exact same frequency with them. Whatever is in your life right now – you are vibrating on the same frequency with it. Experience the difference between want and desire. And learn to become a magnet for that which you truly desire.

Running Time: 6:38

Magnetizing Meditation

This simple three minute magnetizing meditation can be used for anything that you wish to attract into your life. You will tap into your intuitive energy force and align with Spirit to attract your intention. This is one of Tori’s personal favorites!

Running Time: 3:26

Open the Pathway to Success

When we begin any journey to creation, it is most auspicious to clear the path before us. This is like pulling out a map and charting your route. When you set your energetic plan in motion and clear your path, you will be unstoppable.

Running Time: 5:05

Receive Your Dream Now!

One of the most vital aspects of creating anything in your life, is having room for it. Opening yourself to receive what you desire is the key to sustainability! This will show you how to stand in the magic of recurring and attract what you truly desire.

Running Time: 4:34

The Energy of Creativity

Are you stuck with a creative project? Whether you’re a writer, painter, musician, or just wanting to birth an idea that’s ready to come forward then this meditation is for you. Experience the energetic freedom of living in a state of creativity.

Running Time: 4:51

The Magic of Intuition

Everyone has an Intuitive Zone. Professionals use the energy in their chosen career. For example a doctor goes through intensive training, and when it is complete – this knowledge filters through their intuition in the times they are most tested. What would your world be like if you knew your “intuitive zone?” Could you master other things with this energy? The answer is yes. Find out how it will work for you.
Running Time: 5:45

The Power of Completion

Sometimes we hold on to an idea because we’ve invested time in it. Declaring something complete offers space to bring forward a project or idea more powerful than you originally thought of. And releases you from a hidden obligation to finish something that is no longer in alignment with you.

Running Time: 7:42

The State of Mastery

Step into your place of high intention. It is from this place of knowing that you will experience the state of intuitive mastery and know exactly what you need to do to magnetize mastery, and inspire excellence.

Running Time: 6:38

Transform Anger to Power

We have all experienced getting angry in a moment and then allowing that emotion to rule our day or even week.

What would your world look like, if you had the tools to step back from your anger and transform it into a power you can use?

In this brief meditation you will learn to step into power from anger… and send the new energy out to the world to attract what you desire.


Running Time: 7:24


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