Chasing a Dream vs. Following Your Intuition

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When I started the journey three years ago now to write my new book, I had no idea that it would take me on a path of a complete upside down life change. I always tell others that if you are going to write a book, a song or paint – make sure you are aware that it will change your life.

The purpose of this kind of goal is never the attainment; it is who we become in the process.

From the day I committed to write: How to Read the Chakra Wisdom Cards for yourself and Others, the Wheel of Fortune began moving. Soon after, I made the final decision to move from Los Angeles, sell my home and move to Asheville, NC.

The past two years have been a challenge and a miracle.

My intuition kept telling me that I was a writer. My book kept getting pushed back. I simply couldn’t write it.

Wait, the truth is that I kept writing it and putting it in folders on my computer. It wasn’t working.

Once I turned it in last week, I intuitively understood the entire journey.

I could not write a book about a process that I knew until I could describe every step along the way.  Card Reading is not taught, anymore than becoming a Buddhist is taught.

It is an internal journey that changes you.

I was not writing a book about reading cards, I was writing a book about life. Air. Something so invisible that it can only be experienced: true peace.

I was never at peace in Los Angeles. I was in the state of attainment. What could I create – who I was had drowned in the wake of online selling, self-promotion and a pain so deep it could not be catered to any longer.

When I turned the book in, I suddenly got it. The book, the journey, the walking away; this was my second life.

My mother died when she was 52 years old.  My own spiral came soon after. Somewhere I think I felt that my time was limited and I had to find peace. This fear, this drive led me to make a choice.

Was I willing to live the adventure?

That led to selling my home, business and packing up my life. Someone said on Facebook – Do you ever wish you could just sell everything and drive off?

I didn’t wish it. I did it.

I walked away from my false self – as depicted in the Façade card – to my truth.

I learned all the skills I taught, and put complicated concepts on paper. I stepped back into what I loved most:

Take complicated concepts and make them simple. Not easy. Simple.

That’s what my new book is about. Oh, yes, you can flip to the back and look up reversals, but the journey is the destination. You are the destination. Finding you in the cards, in your own intuition is key.

meditations for readers seriesLast week, I went into the studio and recorded six audio conversational meditations on preparing for a card reading with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards.

In these meditations are the most common questions that people come to me with:


  • Is there a specific meditation I should do to call my guides in when reading for myself, or others?
  • How do I pull one card for my day, what will it mean?
  • What is stopping me and holding me back?
  • And more…

If you’d like the first meditation free, sign up here:

You’ll get a chance to buy all 6 for $17. They’ll be on sale in my store for $11.95 each after this special offer ends.

I hope you’ll jump in. I wanted to do something special to say thank you for staying with me on this journey. And, it’s good to be back!



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