What do those “Scary” Cards really mean?

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A few years ago, this phenomenon began where someone would draw a card, and with one look at the image be thrown into upset. A picture on a card elicited a visceral response. They had, in their own definition, picked a “terrible” card.

I’ll cite the Rejection card as our example…

Now why on earth would this card be terrible?

Something is only terrible when we make it mean terrible. Our response to the card is what defines us, not the card itself. I’m not saying that we should have a Pollyanna – all things are perfect just as they are response – I am zeroing in on what we make meaning of in our lives.

Recently I offered my Setting Your Theme for 2017. Several people, when they picked their theme emailed me describing the different words they picked, and inquiring as to which word I felt was best for their theme.

This is what not knowing the difference between our intuition and our brain, causes in us. How can I possibly know more about what works for you, then you do?

I think this idea of dark cards stems from the old days. The reader would tap the “scary” card, look into the eyes of someone being read and say, “Beware…”

Now I don’t know about you, but that would scare the hell out of me. But what is really ominous is not the card, but the way this action is a way of gaining control over another person.

This is why really knowing the difference between your brain and your intuition is vital. The cliché of the gypsy who tells a client that they have an evil presence (and for $500 they can remove it) highlights the fear of the unknown to us.

Yet, when we live in, and trust our “unknown” we begin to see just how much we do know. I love to guide you through techniques to master this skill, but I do not teach anything, my work elicits the wisdom within you; not mine or anyone else’s, but yours.

That means that my answer is irrelevant. It is only in my holding space with you while you determine the correct choice for yourself that makes the difference.

It offers the idea of our profound fear of being alone.

Think about this: when someone has a very strong reaction to a card, they reach out to share it, they have to find a soothing solution. But does the answer really ring true? Or is it only a temporary solution, like putting a Band-aid on a broken leg?

When we give someone an answer in this context, it can support a continued inability to rely upon their own intuition. What I’m really hearing underneath these statements are: I don’t understand this, therefore it must be bad, but it might not be if YOU help me…

I’ll often pose a question: why would a card be bad?

In the case of the Rejection card, it’s what we make meaning of that matters. If you do this, you’re not alone; many new readers (and some experienced ones too) make the leap that it must mean something bad. Honestly the Rejection Card is one of the most often misunderstood cards in the Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck.

Yet we’ve all heard the cliché – Rejection is God’s protection.

Therefore, the question gets posed here – are you sure you’re the one being rejected? Could it possibly be that you created the circumstances for the rejection because it may not be what you really wanted?

I love to remind my fellow readers that when it comes to reading the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards, keep in mind that what opposes exposes.

So Trickery could mean no longer being tricked and opening your heart to truth. Or complacency might indicate a huge change. I go over this more when I chat about reversed cards.

One of the biggest revelations came from someone in my Life Purpose Divination course. Since I use the fables from the cards in the course, she made this statement on the shared Facebook page:

“The fable about Rejection hit me really hard… when I listened to the MP3, I wasn’t sure what Tori meant when she asked her friend if he had created some of his own rejection. But when I read the fable and completed the exercise, it was like a punch to the gut. And then after I thought about it some more, I realized that I was free… It was the most amazing feeling – like I could take flight without wings if I so chose. How do I know I’ve created my own rejection? I’ve been a hermit, and I don’t interact with people very often… I have put on weight that is not very attractive on my small frame. I have said I wanted to have a relationship, yet any effort I made to finding someone ended up in the mud.

Tell me, where else in the whole world would I have ever learned that?! And that’s not even my life’s purpose – it’s just a really incredible insight from this incredible program.”

To really master card reading, it is in stepping into embracing who we are and recognizing our heartfelt motives. Truly great readers are on the path of their own evolution, and hold space for others to do the same.

Much love,


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