Entitlement vs. Value

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We hear so much today about entitlement. I’m not sure if it’s a generational thing, but somewhere along the way the lines got blurred between value and entitlement.

A few years back while I was working on one of my first books, a well meaning friend advised – as I was pouring my heart and soul into that book – which later got published –

Hey don’t put everything you know into that book, save some for the next book.

I remember at the time thinking, why? I may never write another book like this, so might as well give my all. Why would I withhold anything? I didn’t understand that line of thought.

It became a bestseller and I never did write another book in that category. Nor will I. It was complete for me.

Many internet marketers preach about giving value, yet they are marketing to people’s sense of entitlement. They charge high levels of money for information that is far beyond the scope of the person buying it.

In a war torn country, a new iphone may hold less value than a loaf of bread and a bag of apples.

While what someone may offer has value, they are selling it with the air of entitlement – which in and of itself contains a withholding energy – the buyer needs this information in order to create the value in the world they would like to share.

Are you with me?

Meaning, the guru feels entitled to your money because their material is valuable.

Take a moment to wrap your brain around that idea.

This became clear to me one day when an advisor I was working with voiced her opinion about my restarting my spiritual club.  I closed it a few years ago and really miss it.

Her response was, well it’s okay as long as you only do one meeting a month and you don’t give them too much.

My entire body went numb.

I’m sorry? Are you referring to people who want to invest time and money working with me?  

Why would I want to create distance from people who want to work with me?

It reminds me of the question I was asked one day during a card reading class:

How can we stay detached during a reading?

Why would you want to? The point of this work is the deep personal connections we form, the lives we change and our own growth in it.

Here’s the thing –

I want to clarify the difference between withholding and Investing in people.

Entitlement and withholding go hand-in-hand; just as value and investing in others go hand-in-hand.

Which brings me to this point:

Entitlement is an external experience;  while Value is an internal one.

The energy of entitlement conveys that we should and can be famous because we think we should be.

Value is an internal wisdom. There is a graciousness to this level of personal value.

Value means I have been an internal understanding of what my time is worth, I value it, and I value those who invest their own time, money and resources to create something worthwhile in their life.

I recently created a free 7 day Chakra money attraction meditation series. I wanted to share my own process for increasing personal value to attract money.


I did not offer replays. My idea was; show up for the live sessions or purchase the full package for $27. YOU read that right. $27. A limited time offer… when I put it in my store in a few days it will be $97.

You are going to smile… ready?

I received this email:

“This is GREAT if you have the money to buy it! But my Credit cards are maxed out. How fair is that???”

The summit was free if she showed up. But she missed the point, didn’t she? She didn’t value herself enough to even look at her own spending.

She felt entitled because no one taught her how to handle money in a way that supported increasing her personal value. To her credit, she could see that this was going to help her.

Sadly, her anger directed at me, was going to block her from getting what she needed. I was to blame.

Entitlement shows up, when we don’t value who we are.

Oh, and as thank you to YOU – here’s the FIRST CHAKRA Money meditation FREE:  

CHAKRA Money Meditation

If it calls to you grab the Insider Package before the price increase by clicking this:


In the meantime, I look forward to connecting with you personally.

Much Love,



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  • lauren

    I recently found you and I”m so happy I did. YOu really resonate with me and I’m having so much fun and learning with your cards and book. I did want to do the meditations for free and it’s so funny because I’m unemployed right now but somehow I didn’t ‘find the time’. So, what you said really resonates bc I probably need to work on valuing my time. well, not probably, definitely. No doubt. I know it, I don’t value my own time and that makes so much sense in so many areas of my life and feeling like I don’t have self confidence or fear of putting myself out there. Anyway, I did your free REd chakra meditation and within the first minute I knew your meditations were for me. Just bought them and can’t wait to get started. Thank you!!! Lauren

    • Psyadmin

      Lauren – Brilliant insight! You have all you need. You know what to do…:) Tori

  • Annetta

    I did the free meditation and purchased the package. My time, I am a value to me. Good things happened and was not open to receive, however doing the replay now.
    Money is flowing to me.
    Thanks so much for your time and energy.

    • Psyadmin

      Annetta – thank you for your courage! And, yes… you can. x Tori

  • Margot

    I value my time with you and YOU!
    Much Love!!!

    • Psyadmin

      Love you lots Margot! I miss the Spiritual Club… can’t wait to start it again. x

  • Chrissy

    Hi Tori,
    I had so much fun doing your meditations over the last week, I really felt that you were with me on the journey. I bought them because I’m in London so the time difference didn’t work for me. I couldn’t really believe how cheaply you were offering this package for to be honest, I thought it was really generous of you! I recently set up my own business, and it is a struggle at times when you’ve been used to earning a salary for the last twenty years to switch to invoicing, so I was feeling pretty stressed when the meditation started. In the first three days I invoiced an extra £4k, and fielded some calls that haven’t yet come to anything but have huge potential. This was just what I needed! It was a real confidence boost and means that I don’t need to start looking for a job for at least another couple of months!
    Thank you so much from Chrissy, Floyd & Wilf Whippet! X

    • Psyadmin

      How great to hear your news. AND as you know, I’m in love with Floyd!! I still remember our walk on the Heath that day, and I’m so excited to hear what’s going on. Yes, I priced it low because I wanted to give people a chance to get this series – free if they attended and affordable. My intention was to introduce people to the work I do and empower them to do it for themselves. I LOVE Wilf… I really want a brown/black whippet!!! 🙂

  • Janet

    Tori, What you shared in the seven meditations resonated to many levels. I love the sound of your voice and your way of sharing valuable information. I am in the process of doing your Life Purpose Divination course. I have taken my time and not rushed through it for I wanted to integrate it into my life rather than just learn it and move on to something else. I have heard many lectures about one’s relationship with money/success colors there whole life and they all spoke to my mental processes, your sharing resonated with my heart and soul. I feel so grateful that I found out about you and haves benefited tremendously having you on this part of MY Journey. I am on an amazing path of Life Purpose I always knew in my heart existed and never lost faith it existed. Thank you for your gracious offerings of value. By the way I ordered the meditations before I even heard the first one because you have given so much I wanted to honor that and give back. Namaste. Janet

    • Psyadmin

      Janet – Life Purpose Divination is definitely my favorite course… YOU are so right. Your heart and soul are everything! Much love to you,


  • DME

    Hello! Wow! This has got to be one of the best posts I’ve ever read up until this point in my life.

    I know what I’m about to say has not much to do with the whole point of your awesome post, but I felt I had to share this.

    When I read of the advisor’s response regarding restarting your spiritual club the first word that came to mind was, “Squandering”, then, “Fear”. In my humble opinion, such a mindset is that of squandering one’s gifts in the fear that if one offers people their “all” that people won’t come back for more and perhaps increase one’s income. How untrusting of the Universe is such a mindset. And…how awesome you are to be so completely opposite of such a mindset. I’m basically new to your work, but you’ve caught my attention.

    Blessings always!

    • Psyadmin

      Your response has EVERYthing to do with this post! You got it. When we give what we can, the universe will take care of us. The idea is to understand our personal limitations in giving. If I give a gift like this, it’s fulfilling… it’s not a handout – it’s a handup. Thank you for your wisdom…:)

  • miriam mcgowan

    love your cards,love the classes I have taken. I deeply connect to the fables. plan to take them all. would love to know the sequence they should be taken in ,and would like to know the training program where I work with you to become a fantastic reader. what about the spiritual club that you use to have is that an option? you are gifted and I do appreciate all the value you give and do see your authenticity. Please send info to my email .thanks love money meditation and did purchase it thanks M in Las vegas

    • Psyadmin

      Hi Miriam –
      We are currently preparing the Spiritual Club for launch again – it will start up in July – and yes… we will be using the cards AND classes will be upcomming. The club is a powerful way to start working with the cards for fun. I can’t wait myself. I love it!

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