Remaining Calm in the Midst of Change

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In the past few weeks, I have been thrown into the midst of incredible change:

  • I bought a new house
  • My car died and I had to get a new car
  • And my phone said goodbye and I’ve had to learn a new phone.

And that is only my personal stuff!

Here I am again.

I am less than a year in a temporary home and I’m moving again.

In January I shared with you about the Angels showing assigns and what that looks like. You know I love to share these kinds of stories with you!


Last summer when I visited Asheville, NC from Los Angeles to determine if this was going to be my new home, I went to an open house.

It was exactly what I wanted. But I was in no position to buy at the moment, and besides there was only street parking. It didn’t have a garage. Coming from New York City at the very least I wanted a driveway.

This house was perfect but it lacked that one thing.

In the past few weeks I spent some time with my realtor Vanessa and we looked at a few homes here in Asheville, NC. Ironically, I never forgot that home I loved… but it was long gone.

One day Vanessa phoned me and said I found your home.

Ironically it was the same exact same phrase I’d heard from Jeff Lewis 12 years earlier when he said he found my home too.

The house had just gone on the market one hour prior, and I was the first one to see it…

Now if I told you it was the exact same house I looked at in July would you be surprised?

Okay there was one tiny difference, while it was on the same street, and same exact footprint, in fact a few doors down from the other home and an identical footprint, it had a small driveway.

How did Vanessa know this was my home?

When we are aligned energetically with the universe other people pick up on it.

Some people call it luck, and this week I’m teaching people how to align with their chakra for money and I want to tell you that this level of alignment has nothing to do with luck…

If you read any of my work, then you know that my father meant a great deal to me. He jumped on D-Day and he was a powerful presence in my life. My new home will close escrow on Tuesday April 26, 2016 – while he’s not alive today my father would’ve been 94 that day. His birthday.

The sellers were in a bind and needed to stay in the home until June 1.

My official move-in date will be June 6, 2016.



My father 1944 and at the 50th Anniversary of D-day, looking out over the battlefields of Normandy

If I told you that I moved into the home  that Jeff Lewis built for me on the same day 11 years ago would it surprise you?

When are aligned in our energy, even when we going into upset or things happen that may be uncomfortable or unfortunate, the universe will meet us and escort us on the proper path.

I find it magical that I am doing my Chakra Money Attraction Summit this week live and my father loved “live” theater.

If you didn’t get a chance to join the Summit, and would like to own it you can purchase it. Here’s the link to page that houses all the info about it.

I’ll see you all next week…and I’ll be a homeowner again!

With Love,


P.S. Anyone in the Asheville area who wants to come help me pack, or move…c’mon down! lol.

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  • Heather Ann Brownridge

    Dear Miss Tori Hartman,
    I just wanna say Thank You, I love so much. You have helped me get through a serious journey of change this year and because of you and your book chakra wisdom oracle toolkit I have evolved into myself in a major way. I send you many blessings. I’m very thankful I was exposed you and your book. This is one of the best turning points in my life for the better.

    • Tori Hartman

      Heather –
      Thank you!!

      Much love your way.


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